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SuccessSuccess Stories 

We've heard of many success stories using UDA Ideal Home Plans and Construction Office Software.  Recently, we started gathering photographs and feedback from clients to give you a better idea of the possibilities. 

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If you would like to contribute your experiences using UDA Designs or Construction Technologies, please forward them to success@uda1.com  Photographs of Ideal Home Plans, Duplex Plans or Accessible Plans will be added to the UDA PhotoJournal

Listed below are a few we have received so far. 

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"We looked over the web and found your website the most informative...and liked the idea we could order the PreConstruction Package to get further information about the Jasmine Hill Residence.  The Pre-Construction Package told us what we needed to know and sold us on the home!" 

Teresa Lawrence, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Thank you for all of your assistance in modifying the Madison plans and turning it into the Madison Hills. All along I have been very impressed with your company's promptness and expertise. I'm sure that I will have more questions as I move into the construction phase and I trust that you will be available to answer those questions. Keep up the great work! 

Thank you," 

Eric A. Levin

"Beautiful!... very pleased with the Software and Contracts (Construction Office Software)...surprised with the amount of detail...was able to easily update all of our contracts and forms in a few hours and save thousands in proffessional fees" 

Chris Dimler, Prestige Construction Services, Woodside, New York

"It must be particularly gratifying to be involved in a lifework which so enhances the lives of individuals, as well as the communities in which they reside. 

We are really "sun and light" people, and we are proud of the fact that the house (The Magnolia Residence) and lot have become so integrated. I am positive that we are prejudiced, but we are of the opinion that this house is not restrictive in it's taste and would be beautiful whether it's furnishings were classic, contemporary or traditional. It is a fun house, a cozy house, a comfortable house and a young house, but one in which we both hope to grow very old. It has allowed us to express ourselves in all the ways that are important to us, and that is what makes it home.

Shirley P. Watkins

"I found the (Construction Office ) Software to be quite well prepared and well organized...Thank you very much. 


Americao Gonzalez Aquino, AIA, Architect, Puerto Rico

"I have been very impressed with what I've seen of the UDA Construction Office Software..." 

Charles Hale, Gallipolis, Ohio

"It has now been a year since the family and I have taken up residence in our new home and I wish to take this opportunity to thank you, in a more formal manner, for all that you and your people did to make our dreams become a reality. In retrospect, making dreams come true is a tall order to fill, and probably one of the many reasons why so many homeowners have less than satisfactory results. You and your people, however, did an admirable job and we hold you and your firm in even higher esteem now than we did when we began the building process...." 

Bruce J. Tatarchuk

"Very impressed with the info (UDA Construction Office Software) available, ...you guys are great!" ... 

Thank You, 

Dennis J. Byers, Carpenter, Ontario, Canada

"Read a piece in Architecture Magazine, very impressive. We love the house and so does everyone else who sees it." 

Bill Kent

"When I called your company, I found your representative to be very pleasant and he took quite a bit of time trying to be of help...you appear to be an excellent company with a very favorable customer oriented attitude. 


Lilli Semon, Manahawkin, New Jersey

"I am satisfied with the software package (UDA Contract Guide) I purchased... 


Joe Burrow, Real Estate Developer, Sherman Oaks, California

"Hello, I've recently received your complete builders package on disk (Construction Office Software) and I have been completely satisfied with everything so far. There was a problem with one of the disks and your customer service people sent me a replacement disk the next day.  Everytime I have called your customer service people have been very professional and willing to help in any way.  I want to tell you that it is nice to deal with a company that believes in service after the sale, so my compliments to you guys! Great job!!... 


Steve Kraft, Select Kraft Builders, Inc., Howell, Michigan

Thank you for your interest in UDA Ideal Home PlansTM and Construction Technologies. If you have additional questions about United Design or other UDA products and services, please contact Customer Service at info@uda1.com or call toll-free 1-800-700-UDA1 (8321) 
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