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UDA Plan Partnerships 

UDA Plan Partnerships offer selected clients the opportunity to custom design a home for their specific needs at about half the costs of Custom Architectural Services

UDA Plan Partnership FamiliesThe Goal of UDA Plan Partnerships is to design new and innovative homes for families that can later be marketed nationally. What separates the Partnering Program from a typical design process is the recognition that a broad scope of priorities, needs and interests are required to truly understand how the modern homeowner wants to live, and critical for UDA to continue to design new homes that meet the changing needs of today's family. 

As the world enters the Information Age, the modern household has to embrace a new set of criteria in design. With the coming of the home computer, the specialized demands our careers make on our lifestyles, and the changes in the way we live and entertain, the methods we are using in home design must respond to the evolution of our society's needs. These are just a few of the issues UDA is addressing with Plan Partnerships. 

Expanding our range of experience and priorities is critical to the success of developing plans which address current issues in home design. This is where the partnership enters the equation. By "partnering" design teams with clients, a new range of knowledge and experience can be tapped into to provide insights into the design of a modern home. Once completed, these plans will then be marketed and published nationally by UDA. 

UDA offers a limited number of Plan Partnerships each year. The design process typically lasts approximately 6 to 12 weeks. To apply for a Plan Partnership call and talk with a UDA Design Associate, or download the UDA Home Planning Guide, complete the worksheets and profiles, and return a copy to our offices. To nominate a candidate or for additional information for your family please contact UDA Customer Service at info@uda1.com or call toll-free 1-800-700-8321 M-F, 9-7 est. 

UDA Plan Partnerships
Size Range Typical Costs Notes
1200 - 2000 sf $1800 - $2400 4 Partnerships awarded per quarter
2000 - 3000 sf $2400 - $3400 4 Partnerships awarded per quarter
3000 - 4000 sf $2800 - $4600 4 Partnerships awarded per quarter

USA OlympicsUDA Client Coaches Olympic Champions
US Olympic Swimming Coach David Marsh has guided American swimmers to 27 Gold Medals since moving into his UDA designed home.
The Bailey Residence was designed with David under the UDA Plan Partnership Program, which offers clients the opportunity to partner with UDA in the design of their new home. 

Plan Partnership Case Study for The Crestwood Residence 

In this pilot project used for the Plan Partnership Program , there are several strong examples of how the partner's experiences and functional requirements influenced the design of a successful home including the incorporation of a home office, separating the master bedroom from the rest of the house, and opening up the main living spaces. 

The partner needed a home office that, equipped with a sofa bed, could also serve as a guest room. She also required that her potential business clients would only have limited access to the private areas of her home. The result was an office/guest room positioned just off of the foyer. This provided an easy way to receive clients and bring them directly into the office without having to traverse any other part of the house. The bathroom was also connected directly to the office serving two purposes. First, if a business client needed to use the restroom it was readily accessible and again did not compromise any privacy. Second, if the room was to be used for a guest room the guest would have a private bath. 

Also required was a separation of the master bedroom from the rest of the house to insure privacy. The husband worked varying hours that sometimes included night and early morning shifts, so it also became important that he be able to function at odd hours without disturbing his children. The solution puts the master bedroom in close proximity to the garage and the kitchen, allowing him to come home late at night fix a meal and go to sleep without disturbing the rest of the family. 
Finally, the entire family desired a free flowing living space making for a more open and enjoyable atmosphere for interaction and entertaining. Recognizing that the kitchen has become the center of activity while entertaining, it was located adjacent to the great room and separated only by a low wall. This provides an easy avenue for communication and allows the people involved in cooking and preparation to interact freely with the other guests or members of the family. 

By involving the family in the design of their new home, UDA ended up with a plan (The Crestwood Residence) that truly reflects the needs and priorities of a family in the new millenium. 

Nicholas Holt, Associate AIA 

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