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UDA Materials Lists and Specifications 
UDA Materials ListUDA offers detailed Materials Lists and Specifications for each Ideal Home Plan, Accessible Plan and Duplex Plan. Materials Lists provide quantities, types and sizes of the major materials needed to build your home, while the Specifications include a comprehensive description of the systems and procedures of construction recommended. 

Details. Details. Details. 
Included in a typical UDA Materials List are the quantities, types and sizes of framing lumber including floor systems, floor joists, pressure treated sill plate, sub-flooring, walls, headers, studs, corner bracing, ceiling joists, rafters, ridge beams, roof decking, plywood clips, felt or tar-paper, shingles, roof vents, soffit vents, gable end vents, exterior sheathing, fascia and soffits, flashing, exterior veneer, gysum wallboard or drywall, interior trim, window and door casing, base moulding, windows, interior and exterior doors, glue-laminated structural beams, stair stringers, pressure treated deck materials, etc... 

Less Questions between Contractors and Clients 
UDA Specifications include over 25 sections of specific Construction Specifications for each Ideal Home Plan, Accessible Plan or Duplex Plan. Topics might include the appropriate descriptions for clearing, excavation, grading, termite treatment, footings, foundations, slabs, crawlspace foundations, basement foundations, exterior siding, brick veneer, stucco, rough carpentry, framing, finish woodwork, interior trim, custom woodwork, cabinetry, insulation, roofing, caulking and sealants, interior and exterior doors, windows, finish hardware, drywall or sheetrock, hardwood floors, tile and vinyl flooring, carpet, painting, bathroom accessories, closet hardware, appliances, plumbing, heating, venting and air conditioning and electrical specifications. 

Need Specifications on Disk? 
UDA Specifications provides comprehensive construction specifications in disk format as word processing files that you can easily customize and include with your construction contract. 

Each UDA Materials List and Specifications include: 
  • Comprehensive Listing of Materials and Quantities needed for Construction
  • Detailed Description of Types and Procedures of Building Systems
  • Information vital for accurately establishing a Construction Budget or Bidding a new home

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