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Florida Wind Load Engineering Services 

UDA is proud to offer Professional Wind Load Engineering and Energy Calculations for Central Florida through a partnership with 
Stevens Engineering Associates of Orlando, Florida  

UDA Florida EngineeringAfter Hurricane Andrew ravaged South Florida, legislation was established to improve the structural design for high wind loads and other specific concerns inherent in coastal regions. To obtain a building permit in the state of Florida it is now required that all homes be engineered to accomodate these high wind loads and the appropriate Engineer's or Architect's Seal be present on plans. In addition, many localities will also require Energy Calculations to certify compliance with Florida's Energy Efficiency Standards. Consult your local building department for exact requirements in your area. 

Engineering Service Packages include 3 Sets of signed and sealed blueprints, plus the reproducible vellums. Engineering Services include the following: 

  • Foundation Design
  • Slab Design
  • Shear Walls 
  • Uploads and Gravity Loads for Roof System
  • Ties at Support Points
  • Tiedown Connections to Footings
  • Headers and Beams
  • Bearing Wall Locations

  • Energy Calculations include 2 copies of the state required documents. 

    These estimated prices are for Central Florida and surrounding areas and do not include Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC or Site Plan Designs. Call UDA Customer Assistance for further information and a free quote. 

    Plan Type
    Size (sf) Professional Engineering Services
    A ...1,500 $1,050.00 
    B 1,500...2,000 $1,250.00 
    C 2,000...2,500 $1,600.00 
    D 2,500...3,000 $1,950.00 
    E 3,000...3,500 $2,350.00 
    F 3,500...4,000 $2,550.00 
    G 4,000... $2,950.00 
    H Duplexes (2,500sf) $2,150.00 
    Energy Calculations
    Additional Sealed Set
    UPS Ground Shipping
    UPS 2nd Day Air
    UPS Next Day Air

    Costs for Engineering Services are for engineering only and do not include the cost of a reproducible vellum set of Ideal Home Plans. Please allow an additional 7 - 10 business days for completion after we have received all of your applicable site information. 
    ( a copy of your site plan and legal desciption of your property

    Feel free to contact a UDA Design Associate at eng@uda1.com for additional information. 

    Please note that these Professional Engineering Service Packages are custom designed for a specific locality and all fees are non-refundable. 

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