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Build A Dream Home
Home Improvement,USA America's most Useful Talk Show (heard on over 140 Stations nationwide!)
Collective Designs -Ron Whiting

Zeritalia - Original Italian Furniture
GeCoMa - Innovative Industrial Building Products
Damagi - Italian Interior Finishing Products
Timber Frame Homes
ANU Architecture Database
Architecture and Building
Architecture Collection
Amiens Cathedral (multimedia guide to the cathedral) (Eden Greig Muir & Rory O'Neill, Columbia U.)Eric Anderson,

Review of Mark Wigley, The Architecture of Deconstruction: Derrida's Haunt (SITES Online)
Animations (animated movements through architectural space) (Matiu Carr, U. of Auckland)
Architectural Visualisation (Matiu Carr, U. of Auckland)
Architecture of Islam(Australian National U.)

Architecture & Architectural Sculpture of the Mediterranean BasinArchitecture and Visualization (Erwin Zierler)
Architects Abroad (foreign travel for architects and designers interested in studying the architecture industry of other countries)
Arcosanti (Nathan Koren Arqitectura Tropicana (Miami architecture)
Art Nouveau Artists (biographies with links for architects and designers of the Art Nouveau period) (Frank Derville) Andrew Benjamin (U. Warwick), "At Home with Replicants: The Architecture of Blade Runner" (Basilisk)
Building Technologies (Columbia Univ.) Matiu Carr's Gallery (conceptual architecture) (U. of Auckland)

Canadian Centre for Architecture
Centre for Urban Technology - U. Newcastle
City of the Bias: Contouring Istanbul with Indirection
Contemporary Architecture in Hong Kong
Covered Bridges of the Philadephia Region (Drexel U.)
Engines of Fecundity (Vitruvius Online)
Envisioning Yuan Ming Yuan (Garden of Centred Wisdom) ("ancient formal garden in Peking that was totally destroyed by a fire in the 1800s. Our only knowledge of it comes from old woodcuts and descriptions. A group of Chinese scholars at UBC have set themselves the task of creating a highly detailed reconstruction of the garden in digital form -- the landscape, the plants, the birds, the trees, the buildings, the furniture... even the insects") (U. British Columbia / Xing Xing Computer Graphics Inc.)
An Evolutionary Architecture (exhibition of the work of John Frazer and Diploma Unit 11 of the Architectural Assoc. School of Architecture related to the application of artificial-life to architecture; "The profligate prototyping and awesome creative power of natural evolution are emulated by creating virtual architectural models which respond to changing environments. Successful developments are encouraged and evolved. Architecture is considered as a form of artificial life, subject, like the natural world, to principles of morphogenesis, genetic coding, replication and selection") (Ellipsis)
The Gamble House ("The Gamble House in Pasadena, California, is an example of American Arts and Crafts style architecture. The house and furnishings were designed by Charles and Henry Greene in 1908") (Rich Muller)

Gargoyles and GrotesquesFrank Gehry
HyperGEHRY: Overwriting Frank Gehry's Melrose Avenue Building (Dennis Dollens / SITES Online)
Frederick Clifford Gibson Architecture (includes VRML resources)
Graced Places: The Architecture of Wilson Eyre (U. Penn)
Greek Architecture (U Michigan Archi-Gopher)
Hadrianic Baths at Leptis Magna, North Africa (c. 127 AD) (reconstruction of the site by means of computer modeling) (Bill Rattenbury)
Hypergarden (3-D models of garden spaces created from fractal images)
Images of 3D CAD Models (U Michigan Archi-Gopher)
Kisho Kurokawa Home Page (architecture of "symbiosis"; dazzling web site)
Adolf Loos' Karntner Bar in Vienna (computer model) (Matiu Carr, U. of Auckland)
Los Angeles: Revisiting the Four Ecologies (Web version of Reyner Banham's "Los Angeles: The Architecture of the Four Arcologies," 1971) (requires graphics browser)
JM Massi's Image Collection (European castles, churches, and other buildings) (J. M. Massi, Washington State U.)
William Mitchell, City of Bits (hypertext book by the Dean of the MIT School of Architecture and Planning about the architecture of virtual space)

Museum Architecture
Musings on Lunar Architecture (U Michigan Archi-Gopher)
National Trust Properties in England (unofficial guide by Cameron Newham)
Neoclassicism: Architecture (thumbnail images from Renata Wilk's art history course, U. Wisconsin, Madison)
New Orleans Cemeteries: A MultimediaTour (Webcorp)
The Palladio Image Archive (U Michigan Archi-Gopher)
Remote Sensing and the Information City (U. of Auckland)
Renaissance and Baroque Architecture (C. W. Westfall, UVA)
Responses to the Holocaust: A Hypermedia Sourcebook for the Humanities (rich, sophisticated introduction to "the various discourses, disciplines, media and institutions that have produced significant critical and theoretical positions and discussions concerning the Nazi Genocide of the Jews of Europe, 1933-45") (Robert S. Leventhal, U. Virginia) | Art and Architecture
The Risk Map of Cultural Heritage in Italy ("a project promoted by the Istituto Centrale per il Restauro (ICR) in line with . . . Brandi's notion of preventive restoration [and] . . . Giovanni Urbani's reflections on programmed maintenance"; involves "the development of systems and methods enabling maintenance and restoration programs for architectural, archaeological and historical-artistic items with regard to their respective conditions and the harshness of the environment where they are situated") (Istituto Centrale del Restauro, Rome)
Thematic Maps of Environmental Danger Factors
Iconometric Model (photo survey method)
Romanticism: Architecture (thumbnail images from Renata Wilk's art history course, U. Wisconsin, Madison)
Southeastern Architectural Archive ("architectural and urban history of New Orleans and the Gulf South, from the 1830s through the 1980s, with significant holdings for other regions of the country. Over 200 architects are represented") (Gary Van Zante)

TreeTown Project (fractal-branching model for representing architectural space) (Peter Oppenheimer, artist-in-residence, Human Interface Technology Lab, U Washington)
Tunisian Architecture (U. Michigan Archi-Gopher)
Urban Experience (English version) (project on urbanism and decay from the Beursschouwburg, "an art centre in Brussels, Belgium, which focuses strongly on the triangular relationship between young artists, established artists, and the public")
Mies van der Rohe, The Barcelona Pavillion (computer model) (Matiu Carr, U. of Auckland)
Velleity ("explores subjectivity through scaling and framing in language, representation... and the urban infrastructure: in this installment, the sewer") (Leslie Shih) (Basilisk)
Virtual Architecture (Ben Russell/oneday)
The Virtual City (Rice Design Alliance 1994 lecture series on the impact of technology on the concept of the city) * Bruce Sterling's Virtual City Speech
A Virtual Studio (Matiu Carr. U. of Auckland)
The Virtual Study Tour: In Memory of Architecture (Matiu Carr)
Windsor Castle
Frank Lloyd Wright in Wisconsin

ZenLux Estates ("ZenLux is a virtual real estate company, specializing in the conception, production, and maintenance of online environments. Generating socio-spatial datasets from a variety of sources since the early eighties, ZenLux is dedicated to the creation of meaningful virtual settlement"; text, images, and VRML) (Duncan Brown)
Architecture Exhibits and Images (U. Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning)
Architecture Internet Resource Guide
Architecture and Computing (Jeanne M. Brown, U. Nevada, Las Vegas)
Architectural Resources
artNtec (info and resources on Architectural computing) (Phoebe Chen Jacobson)
Commuter's THEater (School of Architecture, U Texas Austin)
Ellipsis (very technically advanced U.K. site for architectural theory and online architecture)
English Server Art & Architecture List
Historic Preservation Resources (U Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning)
Humanities Canada Art & Architecture Page
Planning and Architecture Related Internet Resources (outbound links from U Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning)
Society of Architectural Historians
S * P * I * R * O (search form gateway to SPIRO, the Architecture Slide Library visual online catalog at UC Berkeley)
WWW Virtual Library: Architecture

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