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Sample Blueprints
Schematic Electrical Plans
  • Designer's Front Rendering 

  • square footages, Table of Contents, ceiling conditions, floor patterns, optional decks 
  • First (and Second) Floor Presentation Plans

  • 1/8 inch scaled plans with overall room sizes, floor finishes, furniture layouts 
  • Foundation Plans (typically 1/4 inch scaled plans) with appropriate foundation type details and specific notes, steel reinforcing (rebar) sizes and locations
  • First (and Second) Floor Plans

  • fully dimensioned1/4 inch scaled plans with specific notes, floor finishes, ceiling conditions (vaults, trays, cathedrals), plumbing locations, window and door schedules showing size, quantity and locations 
  • Front, Rear and Side Elevations (1/4 and 1/8 inch scaled plans) roof pitches, shutter locations, roof patterns, veneer detailing (caps, keystones and quoins), optional chimney details and notes
  • First and Second Floor Framing Plans

  • floor joists and girder layouts, structural glue-laminated beams, pier placements 
  • Roof Plan and Roof Framing Plan

  • ridge and valley lcations, roof pitches, attic ventilation, appropriate details and notes 
    optional floor joist and girder locations, glue-laminated structural beams 
  • Interior Elevations including Kitchen cabinetry and appliance locations, Bath cabinetry layout (doors and drawers), fireplace and mantle design, other major focal areas
  • Interior Moulding Details with Finish Schedule

  • 1/2 inch scale crown, chair rail, mullion, casing and base moulding details and sections 
  • Full Building Section

  • 3/8 inch cross section of home interior showing relative ceiling heights and step downs 
  • Stair and Fireplace Sections (if applicable)

  • thread and riser design, railing details, optional masonry fireplace sections 
  • Exterior and Interior Wall Sections, Plan Details and Roof Sections

  • 3/4 inch scaled sections showing detailed structural framing components, foundations, reinforcing steel, subflooring, insulation and trim 
  • Schematic Electrical Plans

  • 1/4 inch scaled layouts, interior and exterior lighting locations, switch placements, outlet locations, cable TV outlets, smoke alarms, recessed cans, exterior floodlights, exhaust fans, telephone jacks, ceiling fans, ground-fault interrupt plugs

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