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UDA Plan ModificationsUDA Plan Modifications for Ideal Home Plans

Have it Your Way
UDA offers a comprehensive range of Professional Plan Modifications for Ideal Home Plans, Accessible Plans and Duplex Plans. Typical changes might include: Designing a daylight basement to accomodate that lot with the terrific view, Enlarging a Great Room so that you'll have plenty of room for that favorite Antique Rolltop Desk from your Grandfather, or even changing Exterior Walls for your region of the country. Most modifications can be completed within 1 to 2 weeks. 

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Why should you consider modifying plans?

The most important reasons are to reduce costs and avoid delays by having an accurate set of documents for contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to help minimize disagreements or discrepancies in the construction, finish and materials of your home. Unless you are planning on being onsite every minute that work is in progress, this accurate set of plans will reduce costly construction change orders ( items that you request to be changed because you envisioned them differently than the actual plans show). Typical construction change orders range from $300 to $2,200. So, obviously, it doesn't take many "change orders" to add up to the cost of an accurate set of plans. 

Why use UDA to modify plans?

Since each Ideal Home Plan, Accessible Plan and Duplex Plan has been designed and drafted by UDA using the latest in CAD technologies, we have a full understanding of the specific details and access to the original master files to provide quick and competitive plan revisions as well as revised Materials Lists and Excel Spreadsheets. 

For a Free Quote or Preliminary Schematic Design contact a UDA Design Associate at cpm@uda1.com or call toll-free 1-800-700-8321 

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Complete Ordering Information

The UDA Custom Plan Modifications Process 

1. Where do we start?

After you have selected an Ideal Home Plan, Accessible Plan or Duplex Plan to modify, contact us with a list of proposed modifications and/or fax us a marked-up plan (Fax 1-334-826-7912). We can then prepare a Preliminary Plan showing the changes you are interested in, and fax, mail or post on a private web page, along with a preliminary quote and any design suggestions for your review. 

As an alternate approach, you can purchase 2 copies of a UDA Preview Set. Revise and return the marked-up plan to UDA, along with a list of modifications and other requirements. A UDA Design Associate will then review your request and contact you with a preliminary quote and any design suggestions on your requested modifications. 

2. Contract Proposal

Once you've had a chance to discuss the modifications process with a Design Associate, we will forward a contract for your plan revisions including total costs, projected schedule and detailed listing of requested changes. 

3. The Design Process

Upon your approval of the contract, we will proceed with the following design process: 

A. Preliminary schematics including: basement (if necessary), first (and second) floor plan, front and rear elevations; either faxed, mailed or uploaded to our website. 

B. We then encourage you to thoroughly review the schematic designs and suggest any modifications that would better meet your needs. 

C. Based upon this feedback, we will then input the plan into our CAD system and fax, mail or upload the revised documents to our website. 

D. Once we receive these final revisions, we will complete your set of plans. 

E. When the plans are ready for shipment, you will have the choice of a reproducible set of originals, or five (5) sets of blueprints. The remainder of the fee will be due, plus shipping and any additional products or services you would like, including: material lists, cost estimating spreadsheet templates, extra blueprints, etc... 

4. How long does it take?

Most Plan Modifications can typically be completed within 1 to 2 weeks depending on the complexity of changes and overall schedule availability. For those of you with tight schedule requirements, please contact a UDA Design Associate at cpm@uda1.com or call toll-free 1-800-700-UDA1 (8321) M-F between the hours of 9 AM and 7PM ET for rushed or fast-track services. 

5. How much does it Cost?

Consult the table of typical Plan Modifications below. Discounts apply for multiple changes, please consult with a Design Associate at cpm@uda1.com or call toll-free 1-800-700-UDA1 (8321) for further information about our wide selection of Professional Services. 

Typical Plan Modifications A, B, C Type Plans D, E, F, G, H Type Plans
Alternate Foundation: Slab or Crawlspace $165.00  $195.00 
Add Custom Walk-out Basement $200.00  $220.00 
Garage Alterations: Front or Side Entry $150.00  $185.00 
Garage Alterations: 2 Car to 3 Car Size $150.00  $185.00 
2 x 6 or 2 x 8 Exterior Walls $200.00  $235.00 
Enlarge or Reduce Interior Size $5.00 per lineal foot of cut $5.00 per lineal foot of cut
Alternate Exterior Finish(s) $195.00  $295.00 
Alternate Preliminary Front Elevation $195.00  $295.00 
Specify Brand of Windows $145.00  $165.00 
Window Modifications $295.00  $345.00 
ADA Handicapped Accessible Plans Price List Price List
Metric Dimensions (International)
$75.00 per page
$75.00 per page
General Notes concerning UDA Plan Modifications
  • Plan Modifications must be ordered with a Reproducible Set of Ideal Home PlansTM 
  • Plan Changes are provided on Reproducible Vellums or Mylar Originals unless otherwise requested.
  • Typically, changes and modifications are not reflected in the Architectural Rendering, Sections or Electrical Layout unless otherwise requested.

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