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Whether you're managing two or two hundred projects at a time, accurate construction scheduling software is critical to your success. Double-booked resources, inaccurate information, mishandling of materials, and more can cause significant delays in your projects that result in massive profit loss. ConstructionSuite™ delivers an advanced, yet intuitive construction Scheduling application that gives you ultimate control over all your project schedules.

UDA ConstructionSuite SystemImplement UDA Scheduling as a part of the complete ConstructionSuite system, and take control of project management with advanced construction Estimating software, critical-path Scheduling, dynamic QuickBooks Integration, and a comprehensive library of detailed Contracts and Specifications.

On Time. On Budget.
Manage projects, raise productivity, and increase cash flow with UDA Scheduling, the intuitive construction scheduling software in ConstructionSuite™. With powerful Gantt charts, critical path tools, and advanced integration with the ConstructionSuite system, you can quickly create dynamic construction schedules that turn the power of integration into total control for your projects.

UDA ConstructionSuite

Keep your projects progressing smoothly with the most robust multi-project, construction scheduling software for small to medium businesses:

  • Create comprehensive construction schedules for each of your company's projects.
  • Utilize industry-standard critical path tools to alleviate dead time between tasks.
  • Visualize and create construction schedules directly on the Gantt chart with click and drag task bars.
  • Shave weeks off of project durations by using predecessor relationships to map the critical path of tasks.
  • Compensate for unexpected changes in your construction schedule and keep all of your tasks in line with predecessors and shift start date.
  • Keep everyone involved in your project up to date by saving your schedule in HTML format and posting it to your web site.
  • Utilize Milestones to mark events or deadlines.
  • Customize work week and account for holidays in your construction schedule.
  • Designate a Schedule Baseline to track project progress and scheduling accuracy.
  • Set and automatically email Reminders to your resources to keep projects running on time.
  • Designate vendors, subcontractors, and equipment to avoid double-booking resources with advanced Resource Allocation.
  • Ensure that project resources will have active and valid certificates such as Insurance and Bonds while working on your project (Premier versions and above).
  • Take construction schedule information in the field on a handheld device with advanced synchronization between the Construction Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.
  • View compiled construction schedule information for all projects by type or group with the Aggregate Reporting system (Corporate versions and above).
  • Manage Cash Flow with dynamic integration between UDA Construction Estimating software, UDA Scheduling, and the ConstructionSuite reporting system (Premier versions and above).
  • Create reports and work orders from your construction schedule that integrate seamlessly with the ConstructionSuite database.
  • Clearly communicate project goals and status to suppliers, subcontractors, superintendents and clients.
  • Generate advanced, multi-project reports to get a comprehensive overview of upcoming tasks and project progression.
  • View all project schedules in the Construction Calendar for definitive multi-project control.
  • Utilize the Percentage Complete function to manage Cash Flow and graphically represent the progress of your project.
  • Launch a variety of reports directly from your construction schedule such as Scheduled Tasks, Scheduling Conflicts, Work Orders, Project Status, Earned Value, Baseline Schedule, and Cash Flow Report.
  • Save a schedule in read-only format or take advantage of optional export to Microsoft Project to share construction schedules with others involved in the construction process.

  • UDA ConstructionSuite


    By combining the ingenuity of UDA engineers with feedback from tens of thousands of clients, UDA ConstructionSuite™ delivers over 300 new features designed to give you total control over your projects.

  • Print Selected Months in your project schedule to take only the information you need to the jobsite.
  • Duplicate Tasks and Subtasks within a UDA Schedule and between Schedules to avoid double data entry.
  • Export the Construction Calendar to HTML to easily share your Project Schedules with subcontractors, clients, lenders, and more.
  • Assign Scheduled Subtasks to your employees to easily track the tasks they are responsible for.

  • UDA ConstructionSuite

    The (Critical) Path to Project Success
    Track and manage the progress of your project resources and construcion schedules with Critical Path tools in UDA Construction Scheduling software. Using predecessors maximizes schedule efficiency by setting the subtask order so each task may begin as soon as possible and progress in the ideal order. With a fully defined critical path, you can easily account for changes that occur in your projects and use the new Baseline feature to compare original and actual scheduled dates.

    Always Know What's Next
    Among the leading causes of project delays are missing materials, late workers, and miscommunication. Protect yourself from these and other unforeseen delays by using the powerful, new reminder features in UDA Construction Scheduling software and advanced integration with UDA ConstructionSuite™.

    Avoid Scheduling Conflicts with Dynamic Resource Allocation
    Track and manage resources with ease using UDA Resource Allocation. Beyond providing a direct link between the contact database and UDA Schedules, Resource Allocation enables you to avoid conflicts, automatically send reminders, generate reports, and be warned of expiring insurance and certificates (in Premier versions and above) for assigned resources in your project schedule.

    Track Insurance, Licenses, and Bonds
    Tracking insurance and other certificates for your construction projects is one of the best ways to reduce undue financial liability. With ConstructionSuite™ Premier and above, you can easily ensure that your vendors, subs, and others involved in your projects have valid certificates when you're creating construction schedules for your projects. The advanced Insurance Tracking module enables you to create numerous certificates for Insurance, Licenses, or Bonds; set notifications of expiring certificates; and be warned of already-expired certificates when you assign a resource in UDA Construction Scheduling software.

    Making Integration Work for You
    Integration is a key factor in saving you time and money. With UDA Construction Scheduling software, you can create estimates from construction schedules, synchronize information between estimates and schedules, export schedules to MS Project, manage multiple project schedules through the Integrated Calendar, and connect all your ConstructionSuite™ files through the dynamic database system. Add in multi-project reporting capabilities that merge information from throughout the ConstructionSuite system, and you have a completely integrated solution that maximizes your efficiency.

    The dynamic construction scheduling system that includes UDA Scheduling, the Construction Calendar, Resource Allocation, and Microsoft Project Export is included in ConstructionSuite™ Pro versions and above.

  • Amplify your project management power with Insurance Tracking, Workflow Management, and Cash Flow Reporting in Premier versions and above.
  • Get the best tools for multi-project developments with ConstructionSuite™ Corporate or Network.
  • Did you know?
    The average construction professional only works at maximum productivity about 50% of the time. Using construction scheduling software to manage projects can help you increase productivity and increase cash flow. A productivity increase of as little as 5 to 10% will save your business thousands of dollars on a typical project.

    Not all ConstructionSuite versions include every feature described above. Refer to the Compare Versions web page to view a comprehensive list of features included in each version of ConstructionSuite. Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, and QuickBooks are not included with ConstructionSuite. ConstructionSuite and ConstructionNet are trademarks of UDA Technologies, Inc. RS Means, RSMeans, and MeansData™ Costbooks are trademarks of Reed Construction Data.

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    System Components
    The ConstructionSuite System includes the following Components.
    Other UDA Components
  • ConstructionNet CRM
    Construction Resource Management
  • Estimating
    Comprehensive, Dynamic Estimates
  • Items Database
    Customizable Costbook Management
  • RS Means Cost Data
    Industry-Standard Costbook Data
  • Contracts
    Automated Contracts and Specs
  • Specifications
    Detailed Construction Specifications
  • Document Management
    Automated Custom Documents
  • Scheduling
    Advanced Gantt Chart Scheduling
  • Construction Calendar
    Manage Activities and Tasks
  • Resource Allocation
    Balanced Resource Management
  • MS Project Export
    Export Schedules to MS Project
  • QuickBooks Integration
    Integrate Estimating and QuickBooks
  • Change Order Management
    Produce and Track Change Orders
  • Application for Payment
    AIA G702 and G703 Forms
  • Insurance Tracking
    Track Insurance Coverage
  • Workflow Management
    Custom Step by Step Directions
  • Cash Flow Reporting
    Project Company Cash Flow
  • CAD Integration
    Import Materials Lists
  • Lead Management
    Track Potential Sales Lead
  • Property Development
    Neighborhood Guidelines
  • Aggregate Reporting
    Complete Company Overviews
  • Advanced Networking
    Network Company / Project Data
  • UDA ProjectSync
    Syncronize Project Data
  • UDA ProjectBackup
    Backup Project Data
  • UDA Mobile Integration
    Connect Project Information
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