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Protect your Business from Litigation
UDA Contracts and Forms include the new industry standard Arbitration Clauses approved by a national committee for dispute resolution. Designed to protect construction professionals from expensive litigation, these arbitration clauses and guidelines are endorsed by 22 major construction trade organizations representing over a million active members, including:

273,000 Construction Professionals, Builders and Contractors
305,000 Engineers
124,000 Design Professionals and Architects
400,000 Attorneys
Advantages of Arbitration
Disputes are bound to occur in the construction industry. With the rising costs and time commitment required in traditional litigation, construction professionals need to protect themselves and their businesses. Industry organizations across the nation recommend arbitration for its significant advantages in resolving construction-related disputes.

Typically, arbitrators act as an impartial person to deliver a binding decision outside of the traditional judicial system. Arbitration offers the benefits of confidentiality, limited required documentation, cost effectiveness, and timeliness, providing a structured framework for dispute resolution. Since decisions in arbitrated cases are final, legal issues cannot be drawn out in appeals.

Arbitration Benefits at a Glance:
Structured guidelines for dispute resolution
Confidential and private
Limited pre-arbitration discovery
Typically quicker and less expensive than litigation
Limited potential for delay of outcome
Decision is binding

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