RS Means Costbooks
RS Means Green Building Cost Data

Access the most comprehensive database for all types of green construction with the Means Green Building Cost Data. Including over 7000 items and 200 assemblies, you'll have the latest unit price data for green building approaches, materials, systems, and standards, energy efficiencies, and more.
RS Means Green Building Cost Data
RS Means CostbooksUDA ConstructionSuite Green includes RSMeans MeansData™ green building costbooks, the most used, quoted, and respected unit price guides available. With over 7,200 green building items and assemblies included in UDA ConstructionSuite Green, RSMeans Cost Data is the professional estimator's first choice for reliable price data for accurate budgeting and construction estimating.

Quarterly Updates Available
TotalCare members receive quarterly updates for RS Means costbook data through the automated update system included with ConstructionSuite.

Green Building - Unit Cost Database Breakdown
CSI Division Division Description Total Items
01 General Requirements 19
02 Site Construction 515
03 Concrete 261
04 Masonry 188
05 Metals 882
06 Wood & Plastics 565
07 Thermal & Moisture Protection 648
08 Doors & Windows 1023
09 Finishes 405
10 Specialties 23
11 Equipment 41
12 Furnishings 131
13 Special Construction 502
14 Conveying Systems -
15 Mechanical 1564
16 Electrical 583
Total Items 7350
Green Building - Assemblies Cost Database Breakdown
Uniformat II Uniformat II Description Total Assemblies
A Substructure -
B Shell 56
C Interiors -
D Services 232
E Equipment and Funishings -
F Special Construction -
G Building Sitework -
Total Assemblies 288

Making Integration Work for You
With advanced integration between the UDA Items Database, RS Means Cost Data, and
UDA Construction Estimating software, you can insert items complete with Item Name, Description, Classification, Vendor Name, and Cost into your project estimates. And, when prices change for your items, you can easily update construction costs in the database and project estimate with just a few clicks. Plus, you can enable ConstructionSuite™ to automatically open the Items Database each time you open estimate, collapse the database window for easier viewing, and easily update material and labor costs in a new estimate if prices have changed in the Items Database.

What's Included in the UDA Items Database*

In all versions of ConstructionSuite CM Green, the UDA Items Database comes pre-loaded with RSMeans MeansData™ Costbooks for Green Building, Commercial, Light Commercial, Residential Construction and Renovation, which contain over 50,000 items and 100,000 quotes for construction labor and material costs. Consult the Compare Versions page for a detailed description of exact construction costbooks included in each version of ConstructionSuite.

The UDA Items Database is included in all versions of ConstructionSuite™.

Not all ConstructionSuite versions include every feature described above. Refer to the Compare Versions web page to view a comprehensive list of features included in each version of ConstructionSuite. Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, and QuickBooks are not included with ConstructionSuite. ConstructionSuite and ConstructionNet are trademarks of UDA Technologies, Inc. RS Means, RSMeans, and MeansData™ Costbooks are trademarks of Reed Construction Data.

ConstructionSuite™ Green
UDA ConstructionSuite Green
  • Green Overview
    Thrive with ConstructionSuite Green
  • NAHB Green Standards
    NAHB Green Building Standards
  • LEED Standards
    Official Certifications & Requirements
  • Energy Star Guidelines
    Guidelines and Standards
  • Green Specifications
    623 pages of Green Specifications
  • RSMeans Green Building
    7200+ Green Items and Assemblies
  • Green Workflows
    Residential, Commercial, HC, Edu

  • RS Means Costbooks
  • RS Means Overview
    Industry-Standard Costbook Data
  • Building Const (BCCD)
    20877 Items
  • Light Commercial
    11646 Items
  • Commercial + Assemblies
    45456 Items - 7599 Assemblies
  • Residential + Assemblies
    9802 Items - 709 Assemblies
  • Repair & Remodel
    15324 Items
  • Electrical + Assemblies
    12942 Items - 1096 Assemblies
  • Concrete/Mas + Assemblies
    8217 Items - 3142 Assemblies
  • Mechanical + Assemblies
    17617 Items - 1581 Assemblies
  • Plumbing + Assemblies
    14761 Items - 1557 Assemblies
  • Site Work & Landscaping
    16577 Items - 2674 Assemblies
  • Green Building
    7350 Items - 288 Assemblies
  • Metric Construction
    26036 Items
  • Interior + Assemblies
    14675 Items - 2651 Assemblies
  • Heavy Const + Assemblies
    12557 Items - 2141 Assemblies
  • Open Shop
    20439 Items
  • Civil + Assemblies
    31788 Items - 9583 Assemblies
  • Facilities + Assemblies
    44005 Items - 1712 Assemblies
  • Master Const + Assemblies
    55892 Items - 14454 Assemblies

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