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Merge the powerful project management tools of ConstructionSuite™ with QuickBooks' strengths in accounting to benefit from the most sophisticated construction accounting integration available for small to medium firms. Save time, eliminate double-entry, and avoid costly accounting errors with UDA QuickBooks Integration.

UDA ConstructionSuite SystemImplement UDA QuickBooks Integration as a part of the complete ConstructionSuite system, and take control of project management with advanced construction Estimating software, critical-path Scheduling, and a comprehensive library of detailed Contracts and Specifications.

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QuickBooks Integration Redefined
Unlike other construction accounting software applications that claim to integrate with QuickBooks, UDA ConstructionSuite™ offers some of the most advanced and flexible options available. Instead of giving you static information to import into QuickBooks, UDA ConstructionSuite enables you to develop a customized Chart of Accounts, designate your accounting preferences, and utilize the tools you need to keep your construction accounting running smoothly. Easily launch estimates, invoices, and purchase orders into QuickBooks, and then import actual costs back into your estimate for a comprehensive overview of your company's profitability.

UDA Honored as QuickBooks Gold DeveloperUDA Honored as QuickBooks Gold Developer
UDA Technologies was recently selected as a Gold Developer by QuickBooks, denoting the highest level of achievement in the QuickBooks Marketplace. Chosen from hundreds of candidates, UDA was selected through dozens of testing criteria paired with customer satisfaction surveys. Gold Developer status is awarded to select partners providing advanced products that integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks accounting software. Learn More.

UDA ConstructionSuite

With UDA QuickBooks Integration, you can:

  • Set your integration preferences with the innovative QuickBooks Initial Setup Wizard.
  • Create a customized Chart of Accounts directly from your construction estimate.
  • Customize QuickBooks Integration options like Account Type, Item Type, Account Numbering, Account Structures, Item Structures, and Tax Classifications.
  • Launch QuickBooks Estimates, Invoices and Purchase Orders easily from your project estimate.
  • Take advantage of more flexible options to create Invoices and Purchase Orders such as filtering data by categories, subcategories, or vendors.
  • Import QuickBooks actuals back into your construction estimate to measure job profitability and estimate accuracy.
  • Account for retainage throughout your project and invoice for retainage at the end of the project.
  • Create, track, and manage AIA G702 and G703 forms using invoiced amounts obtained through QuickBooks Integration (Premier version and above).
  • Utilize bi-directional contact synchronizations between ConstructionSuite™ and QuickBooks.
  • Import information from the UDA contact database into QuickBooks customer job information, bill to address, and contact information fields.
  • Manage Change Orders in QuickBooks as sub-jobs with their own estimates linked to the main customer:job for more accurate cost tracking (i.e. John Smith: Lot 14: Change Order 1).

  • UDA ConstructionSuite


    UDA QuickBooks Integration now offers even more flexible construction accounting options designed to give you ultimate control. New features include:

  • Track UDA Items in your construction estimate as an Inventory Part in your QuickBooks Items List.
  • Automatically generate a custom costbook in the UDA Items Database from your QuickBooks Items List.
  • Transfer negative change orders from UDA Construction Estimating software to QuickBooks as a Credit Memo.

  • Better Together. Extend the power of QuickBooks with UDA ConstructionSuite.
    UDA ConstructionSuite
    with QuickBooks Integration
    QuickBooks Pro or Contractor
    Project Management
    Integrated system with advanced construction Estimating software, Scheduling, QuickBooks Integration, Contracts, and Specifications
    Basic estimating tool provided
    Chart of Accounts
    Automatically create a comprehensive chart of accounts in QuickBooks from your customized UDA construction estimate
    Some accounts predefined*
    Construction Items
    Automatically created from your estimate; start with over 900 construction specific items and customize to fit your needs
    Manually enter all items
    Launch invoices into QuickBooks from your UDA Estimate in seconds
    Manually create each invoice
    Purchase Orders
    Launch Purchase Orders into QuickBooks from your UDA Estimate in seconds
    Manually enter each purchase order
    Construction Estimates
    Dynamic UDA Estimates offer advanced features designed for construction professionals
    Create basic estimates using only items
    Create QuickBooks budgets automatically from your UDA project estimate
    Manually create budget
    Over 15 construction specific reports including RFPs, RFQs, materials lists, and much more
    Only 4 predefined*
    Generate a complete proposal from your UDA Estimate that includes scope of work, special conditions, base price, square footage, and allowances
    Not Available
    Construction Materials
    Automatically created from custom estimate; start with over 800 construction specific materials
    None Predefined
    Construction Phases
    Automatically created from custom estimate; start with over 100 construction specific phases
    None Predefined
    Overhead & Margin
    Industry-standard margin calculating methods ensure accurate project overhead and margin
    Not Available
    Custom Markup
    Option to automatically create custom markup in QuickBooks when estimated costs are exported
    Not Available
    Summary Estimates
    Comprehensive Categories, Accounts, Items & Phases
    Not Available
    Preprogrammed with
    National Average Costs
    Not Available
    Generate Materials Lists
    Created from
    Construction Estimates
    Not Available
    RFP's & RFQ's
    Created from
    Construction Estimates
    Not Available
    Construction Scheduling
    Dynamically Integrate with
    UDA Scheduling & Microsoft Project
    Not Available

    UDA ConstructionSuite

    Making Integration Work for You
    As a fully integrated construction software system, UDA ConstructionSuite™ makes it easy to connect and repurpose your project management information throughout the various phases of construction. The advanced integration with QuickBooks not only leverages the power of UDA Construction Estimating software, but it also works seamlessly with the Change Order Management system, Application for Payment, Insurance Tracking, and ConstructionNet™ CRM to save you time and reduce costly errors. From estimating to scheduling to accounting to reporting, UDA ConstructionSuite has you covered.

    Part of the Intuit Developer Network
    QuickBooksSince 2003, UDA Technologies has been a Premier member of the Intuit Developer Network, an exclusive community that gives members access to protected QuickBooks technology. This partnership allows engineers at UDA Technologies to develop advanced applications that offer seamless integration with the industry's most popular accounting software. Of the partnership, Mark Bercow, Vice President of the Intuit Developer Network, said, "We are thrilled that UDA Technologies is participating in the Intuit Developer Network and is enabling data sharing between UDA ConstructionSuite™ and the QuickBooks products. Our relationship with UDA Technologies will help us better meet the specific industry needs of our small business customers."

    QuickBooks Experts are Just a Call Away QuickBooks ProAdvisor
    As a part of the continuing education for associates at UDA Technologies, many of the technical specialists have completed the QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification program. To become certified, candidates must demonstrate in-depth knowledge of QuickBooks solutions through completion of courses and exams. QuickBooks Integration Specialists and ProAdvisors at UDA serve in multifunctional roles throughout the company, assisting clients, training internal staff members, and working closely with the development team to ensure that UDA QuickBooks Integration offers the most powerful and relevant features to ConstructionSuite users. Learn More

    Amplify your construction accounting with these other great components, available in ConstructionSuite Premier and above.

    Create AIA G702 and G703 Applications for Payment:
    Effortlessly generate industry-standard applications for payment. With dynamic integration between UDA Construction Estimating software and QuickBooks, you can automatically turn invoiced amounts into applications for payment that are ready to be printed on AIA G702 and G703 forms. As the most flexible payment application system available, UDA Application for Payment can generate payment applications from multiple QuickBooks invoices, keep a running total from previous project applications, and track retainages on work completed and materials stored.

    Track Insurance, Licenses, and Bonds
    Tracking insurance and other certificates for your construction projects is one of the best ways to reduce undue financial liability. With ConstructionSuite Premier and above, you can easily ensure that your vendors, subs, and others involved in your projects have valid certificates before paying bills inside QuickBooks. The advanced Insurance Tracking module enables you to create numerous certificates for Insurance, Licenses, or Bonds; set notifications of expiring certificates; and be warned of already-expired certificates before you pay the bills.

    To get started with UDA QuickBooks Integration, you will need:

  • ConstructionSuite Pro, Premier, Corporate, or Network version, and
  • One of the following QuickBooks applications: QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Contractor, or QuickBooks Enterprise editions 2008 or later.

  • Not all ConstructionSuite versions include every feature described above. Refer to the Compare Versions web page to view a comprehensive list of features included in each version of ConstructionSuite. Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, and QuickBooks are not included with ConstructionSuite. ConstructionSuite and ConstructionNet are trademarks of UDA Technologies, Inc. RS Means, RSMeans, and MeansData™ Costbooks are trademarks of Reed Construction Data.

    Screenshots Features & Benefits
    System Components
    The ConstructionSuite System includes the following Components.
    Other UDA Components
  • ConstructionNet CRM
    Construction Resource Management
  • Estimating
    Comprehensive, Dynamic Estimates
  • Items Database
    Customizable Costbook Management
  • RS Means Cost Data
    Industry-Standard Costbook Data
  • Contracts
    Automated Contracts and Specs
  • Specifications
    Detailed Construction Specifications
  • Document Management
    Automated Custom Documents
  • Scheduling
    Advanced Gantt Chart Scheduling
  • Construction Calendar
    Manage Activities and Tasks
  • Resource Allocation
    Balanced Resource Management
  • MS Project Export
    Export Schedules to MS Project
  • QuickBooks Integration
    Integrate Estimating and QuickBooks
  • Change Order Management
    Produce and Track Change Orders
  • Application for Payment
    AIA G702 and G703 Forms
  • Insurance Tracking
    Track Insurance Coverage
  • Workflow Management
    Custom Step by Step Directions
  • Cash Flow Reporting
    Project Company Cash Flow
  • CAD Integration
    Import Materials Lists
  • Lead Management
    Track Potential Sales Lead
  • Property Development
    Neighborhood Guidelines
  • Aggregate Reporting
    Complete Company Overviews
  • Advanced Networking
    Network Company / Project Data
  • UDA ProjectSync
    Syncronize Project Data
  • UDA ProjectBackup
    Backup Project Data
  • UDA Mobile Integration
    Connect Project Information
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