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The Industry Standard - And then Some.
ConstructionSuite™ Premier delivers the unrivaled combination of ConstructionNet™ CRM with project management and estimating tools that push the industry standard further than ever before. Alongside advanced Estimating, Items Database, comprehensive RS Means Cost Book Data, Scheduling, Integrated Construction Calendar, QuickBooks Integration, automated Contracts, Specifications, and Document Management, ConstructionSuite Premier incorporates an expanded toolset designed to propel your company forward.
Estimating QuickBooks Integration Scheduling Contracts & Proposals ConstructionNet CRM

Designed for Serious Construction Professionals
Small and medium firms alike will find what they're looking for in ConstructionSuite™ Premier, the best-selling version for Residential Contractors, Remodelers, and Light Commercial Professionals. Breakthrough ConstructionNet™ CRM (company resource management) technology takes integration to a whole new level for construction management software, and leaves no need left unfulfilled for serious construction professionals.

UDA ConstructionSuite

Integration Meets Revolution.
Offering enhanced integration for construction Estimating, Scheduling, Accounting, and Project and Contact Management, ConstructionSuite™ Premier also features new Change Order Management, Workflow Management, and Certificate Tracking. With a system this revolutionary, you'll discover connections between your vendors, subcontractors, estimates, schedules, projects, and more that you never even knew existed.

  • Amplify your construction Estimating power with the robust Change Order Management system that includes advanced status options and automated documentation for customers and vendors.
  • Take the benefits of Resource Allocation one step further with Insurance Tracking and put your mind at ease knowing that your vendors and subcontractors have valid Insurance, License, and Bond certificates.
  • Expedite the construction process with dynamic Workflow Management, an innovative new system that outlines every step for managing a variety of projects.
  • Merge Estimating and Scheduling data with Cash Flow Reporting to ensure a healthy financial outlook for your company.

  • Microsoft Surface Pro Certified for UDA ConstructionSuite

    Real Users. Real Success.

    Green Construction - It's About Making an Impact
    ConstructionSuite user instrumental in Central Florida's Green Building movement

    Greg Hardwick P.E., President and owner of Hardwick General Contracting in Maitland, FL, has been a longtime supporter of Green Building and the ConstructionSuite system. A feature educator at the Southeastern Building Show in Orlando, FL, Greg Hardwick will not only share his wealth of knowledge on Green Building, but he'll also be featuring the program that helps him manage his business so effectively, ConstructionSuite. read more

    Greg Hardwick, Owner
    Hardwick General Contracting, Maitland, Florida
    Case Study of Hardwick General Contracting

    On-Site Training

    UDA Professional Services and On-Site Training

    Extend the benefits of your ConstructionSuite investment with UDA TotalCare Professional Services. You'll have everything you need - from on-site training to advanced demonstrations and setup assistance.

    Jumpstart your ConstructionSuite experience with personalized, on-site training. Senior Product Specialists will travel to your location for personalized training of you and your team, all within the comfort of your own office. With comprehensive knowledge and experience, UDA product specialists offer the most in-depth training to utilize the full benefits of ConstructionSuite as soon as possible. Learn More

    Experience the Freedom to Work Anywhere.

    UDA ConstructionSuite™ Premier

    Total Cost Control
    Put the power of the most advanced cost management tools at your fingertips with ConstructionSuite™ Premier, and take control over your construction costs. From advanced construction estimating to a fully loaded and customizable Items Database, you'll discover that no other system on the market offers the array of construction estimating tools and dynamic integration available in ConstructionSuite Premier.

  • UDA Estimating software puts innovation and integration to work for you with advanced cost management tools such as classification-based line item markup, overhead and margin designation, automated dimensions, and integration with the UDA Items Database, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Revit, Cadsoft Envisioneer, QuickBooks, UDA Scheduling, and the rest of the ConstructionSuite™ system.
  • With the new UDA Items Database, you'll always have access to the latest, most accurate construction cost information for your projects. Pre-loaded with over 20,000 items from RSMeans MeansData™ Costbooks with quarterly updates available for TotalCare members, the UDA Items Database also enables you to adjust costs to your local area or create your own custom costbooks to enter, track, and manage quotes from local vendors and subcontractors.
  • Change Orders can be a hassle in any project, but with the UDA Change Order Management system, you can rest easy knowing that changes made after the contract is signed won't affect your bottom line. Use the innovative wizards to designate Change Orders in your project estimate, set the status as Pending, Accepted, or Rejected, and then automatically generate documents for your vendors and customers.
  • Utilize the new Cash Flow Reporting to forecast you company's profitability. By merging your construction estimating and scheduling information into a dynamic report, the Cash Flow Reporting tool gives you the information you need to make smart financial decisions for your company and projects.
  • CAD Integration with AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Revit, Cadsoft Envisioneer, Chief Architect, and eTakeoff, takes you from CAD rendering to comprehensive construction estimate in just a few minutes. This innovative new feature enables you to sit back and watch as ConstructionSuite™ turns your Bill of Materials into a UDA Estimate that's complete with Categories, Subcategories, and Items with material quantities and costs.

  • Sophisticated Accounting Made Easy
    Utilize the most sophisticated, yet easy-to-use QuickBooks Integration available for construction professionals. Now you have even more flexibility in creating the chart of accounts from your UDA Estimate, and you can easily perform all the accounting tasks you need to keep your company's financial information in order.

  • Set your preferences with the innovative QuickBooks Initial Setup Wizard, then automatically create customer:job profiles, and QuickBooks estimates, invoices, and purchase orders directly from your UDA Estimate.
  • Import actual costs into your UDA Estimate for a comprehensive look at estimated versus actual figures.
  • Take advantage of advanced Transaction Logging to track and manage all accounting tasks related to your projects.
  • UDA QuickBooks Integration for ConstructionSuite™ Premier works in conjunction with UDA Insurance Tracking to ensure that your subcontractors have valid insurance, license, and bond certificates before you pay the bills.

  • Time is on Your Side
    Time is money. It's a simple rule, but one that could save you thousands of dollars on a single job. With ConstructionSuite™ Premier, you can take advantage of integrated construction scheduling software designed to put time on your side. Never again let your profits suffer from delays caused by inaccurate information, double-handling of materials, waiting on resources, or dead time between tasks.

  • UDA Scheduling software provides industry-standard critical path tools, advanced reminders, baseline scheduling, and more to increase productivity and boost your profits.
  • The Integrated Calendar delivers the most dynamic construction calendar available. With multi-project handling, advanced filters, and multiple views, you can easily manage all of your project tasks and activities.
  • Resource Allocation connects the power of ConstructionNet™ CRM to your construction schedules, giving you the ability to assign subcontractors, vendors, and more to your project tasks. Keep your projects progressing on time and on budget by avoiding double-booked resources, automatically sending reminders, and ensuring that your subs have valid insurance and license certificates.
  • MS Project Export gives you the option to export your construction schedule, including task list, start and end dates, predecessors, and resources to Microsoft Project, so you can send schedule information to others involved in your projects.

  • Increased Efficiency. Stronger Protection.
    Increasing your efficiency goes beyond accurate job costing and project scheduling, and with ConstructionSuite™ Premier, you'll have innovative new tools designed to fill the gaps left by other construction software systems.

  • Insurance Tracking takes financial protection to the next level for you and your company. With the ability to enter Insurance, License, and Bond certificates for your projects and vendors, and you'll never again have to endure the strain of undue financial liability. Set reminders for expiring certificates, and let ConstructionSuite automatically notify you of expired insurance and bonds when scheduling or paying vendors and subcontractors.
  • Lead Management combines the robust contact management features of the new ConstructionNet™ CRM technology with a system specifically designed to help you manage leads. Don't let prospective clients slip through the cracks - designate leads, rate the vitality of each lead, track referral sources, and document all correspondence using the new UDA Lead Management system.
  • Workflow Management proves that it's possible to secure a method in the madness that is construction. New Workflow Management tools enable you to set and reuse successful project outlines that cover the construction process from planning and pre-construction all the way through closing. Use pre-loaded Workflows or create your own, and utilize active Workflow items to launch templates, files, programs, or websites to keep your company moving forward.

  • Superior Communication
    No construction management software would be complete without a comprehensive document management system, and UDA ConstructionSuite™ Premier delivers fully integrated and dynamically automated construction Contracts, Forms, Specifications, and Reports to help you save time and solidify an effective communication strategy for all of your projects.

  • Harness the power of advanced Document Management to create professional project documentation and connect all of your construction contracts, forms, spec books, and reports to the revolutionary ConstructionNet™ CRM system.
  • With a complete library of over 170 contracts and forms for Residential, Remodeling, and Light Commercial projects, UDA Contracts in the Premier version integrates superior Document Management features and revolutionary ConstructionNet™ CRM to provide the most dynamic construction contracts available.
  • Don't let miscommunication plague your projects - effectively and efficiently communicate project details with the powerful UDA Specifications system. Featuring an improved spec building wizard, UDA Specifications enables you to easily define methods, materials, and finishes in your project with over 70 pages of customizable specifications. And now, you can save templates for the Specifications Wizard, making it easy to reuse and repurpose information for similar projects.
  • To round out the most comprehensive toolset for communicating project information, UDA ConstructionSuite™ Premier incorporates a sophisticated Reporting system that gives you the power to automatically generate custom reports from your construction estimates, schedules, projects, contacts, and more. And, with superior integration between components, ConstructionSuite Premier enables you to cross-reference and cross-utilize information so you get more than just a snapshot of your project.

  • ConstructionNet™ CRM. Taking Integration to the Next Level.
    Take integration to the next level with the breakthrough technology of ConstructionNet™ CRM - the first company resource management system engineered specifically for the construction industry. More than just a method to store information, ConstructionNet CRM enables you to leverage Project and Contact Information, Certificate and Lead Tracking, advanced Calendar functions, and Activities and To Dos to turn complex information into a sleek and streamlined system.

  • Project Management in ConstructionSuite™ Premier goes beyond information storage and creates a central axis point that unites powerful tools such as Workflows, Dimensions, and Certificates with all of your construction management files to give you ultimate control whether you're managing five or five hundred projects at a time.
  • Innovative Contact Management turns the daunting task of keeping up with vendors, suppliers, subcontractors, and clients into a smooth process that incorporates unlimited storage capacity and ground-breaking integration capabilities to give you access to essential contact information throughout the construction process.
  • Go beyond project scheduling and organize all the Activities and To Dos you need to complete for successful construction management. Schedule meetings, create appointments, and set reminders for vital tasks so you'll always know what's next.
  • UDA ContactSync and UDA AppointmentSync maximize information sharing between your essential office programs. Three-way contact synchronization between ConstructionSuite, Outlook, and QuickBooks ensures that your contact lists always stay updated. And, with UDA AppointmentSync, you'll have the power of bi-directional calendar synchronization between the UDA Integrated Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, so you can see all of your project tasks and activities in the field on a PDA or pocket PC.

  • Learn more about features included in ConstructionSuite Premier.

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    • UDA Technologies Wins 2021 Top Product Awards
      UDA Technologies is proud to announce that Construction Executive Magazine has honored ConstructionOnline™ and ConstructionSuite™ with the prestigious Top Products Awards of 2021.

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    MarriottUDA clients range from Fortune 100 member Marriott, the world's leading hospitality company, with 21 brands including: Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, Renaissance, Courtyard, Fairfield Inn, Ramada and Residence Inn, to over 650,000 successful Construction Professionals across the United States, Canada, and 75 countries worldwide.

    "The thing I learned the quickest is that UDA has outstanding customer support - no matter who answers the phone, they are always very helpful and friendly."

    Greg Hardwick
    Hardwick General Contracting
    Maitland, Florida

    "Our philosophy is simplicity - if we can keep it simple, know exactly what we're doing, and control our costs - well, that's why we like ConstructionSuite. It makes that possible."

    Rick Clendaniel
    Georgelas Group
    McLane , Virginia

    "The most important thing to me is bringing a project in on time and on budget. ConstructionSuite helps us do that and it's what keeps business coming back"

    Michael August
    Hammer Head Construction & Development
    Altamonte Springs, Florida

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