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CommercialResidentialDesigned for Commercial, Light Commercial, and Residential projects, UDA ConstructionSuite™ Commercial combines advanced construction estimating and project management software to deliver an integrated platform for construction professionals.

UDA Technologies Wins 2020 Top Product Awards

UDA Technologies Wins 2021 Top Product Awards

UDA Technologies is proud to announce that Construction Executive Magazine has once again honored ConstructionSuite™ and ConstructionOnline™ with the prestigious Top Products Awards of 2021.

Published by the Associated Builder and Contractors trade organization, Construction Executive Magazine reaches more than 56,000 leading contractors and construction-related business owners worldwide. The publication serves as the leading source for news, market development, and business issues impacting the construction industry.

Award-Winning ConstructionSuite™ CM

Already used by tens of thousands of construction professionals in 75 countries worldwide, UDA construction software delivers the new industry standard in estimating and project management. With fully integrated and completely upgraded Estimating, Scheduling, Contracts, Specifications, and Document Management, UDA ConstructionSuite™ CM also includes over three hundred new features designed to give users total control over their projects.

Highlights of the new version include improved Scheduling with Primavera and Microsoft Project Integration, Mobile Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android, ConstructionOnline File Sharing, Company Dashboard, RFI Tracking, RS Means Construction Cost Data, Summary Estimating, Permission-based Access, Assemblies, Financial Graphs, Universal Multipliers, Lead Reminders, CRM Reporting, Custom Fields, and 300 other new features.

On-Site Training

UDA Professional Services and On-Site Training

Extend the benefits of your ConstructionSuite investment with UDA TotalCare Professional Services. You'll have everything you need - from on-site training to advanced demonstrations and setup assistance.

Jumpstart your ConstructionSuite experience with personalized, on-site training. Senior Product Specialists will travel to your location for personalized training of you and your team, all within the comfort of your own office. With comprehensive knowledge and experience, UDA product specialists offer the most in-depth training to utilize the full benefits of ConstructionSuite as soon as possible. Learn More

Experience the Freedom to Work Anywhere.


ConstructionSuite™ Wins 2021 Top Product Award

UDA ConstructionSuite has recently been recognized by Construction Executive Magazine as a recipient of the 2021 Top Product Award. UDA software is used by tens of thousands of construction professionals in over 75 countries worldwide, including members of the elite Fortune 100. Additionally, UDA Technologies' project management and construction estimating software solutions have been featured in Constructech, Builder, Professional Builder, Remodeling, Professional Remodeler, Qualified Remodeler, Residential Architect and Custom Home magazines.

RS Means Costbooks

RS Means Cost Data

UDA ConstructionSuite CM includes RSMeans MeansData™ costbooks, the most used, quoted, and respected unit price guides available. With over 50,000 items included in UDA ConstructionSuite CM, RSMeans Cost Data is the professional estimator's first choice for reliable price data for accurate budgeting and construction estimating. Choose from Means Building Construction Cost Data, Means Light Commercial Cost Data, Means Commercial Cost Data or purchase any of the thirteen additional RSMeans costbooks for even more detailed unit price data.

ConstructionSuite Live Workshops

Free Training: ConstructionSuite Live Workshops

Designed for current and prospective users, ConstructionSuite Live Workshops provide a comprehensive overview of the ConstructionSuite CM system through five distinct sessions each week. There's no limit to the number of sessions you can attend, so there's no limit to the number of features you can learn. Get the most out of your ConstructionSuite system with ConstructionSuite Live webinars.

Powerful Integration. Total Control.

The ConstructionSuite™ system takes integration to the next level to give you complete control over contact and project management. With ConstructionSuite CM, you'll have powerful project management tools fully integrated with new ConstructionNet™ CRM technology. Effortlessly make connections across projects, contacts, and all your construction estimates, schedules, contracts, reports, and more with the powerful integration in UDA ConstructionSuite CM.

UDA ConstructionSuite

8 Compatible

Windows 10 Compatibility Certified for UDA ConstructionSuite™

As Microsoft was re-engineering the next generation of operating systems, UDA Technologies was busy re-envisioning project management solutions. And now, the two have come together in the official Windows 64-bit compatible version of ConstructionSuite™ - rebuilt and redesigned with you in mind.

Bring on the Breakthrough: ConstructionNet™ CRM.

Included in ConstructionSuite CM is the first CRM (client/company resource management) solution engineered specifically for the construction industry, UDA ConstructionNet™. Designed to deliver a dual contact and project database system to transform the complex web of managing construction into a sleek and streamlined process, ConstructionNet CRM leverages comprehensive Contact and Project Information Management, Certificate and Lead Tracking, Project and Contact Associations, Activities and To Dos, and advanced Calendar functions, to put the power of leading-edge CRM technology at your fingertips.

Stop Struggling & Start Streamlining.

In a single day of managing projects, you have enough to keep straight - from where your subcontractors are supposed to be to whether your materials will show up on time. Add in contacting your lender for your financial needs and calling the client to address any questions, and you've already created a complex web of information. Even if you only manage a few projects a year, you need more organization than a yellow pad or off-the-shelf software can provide. Stop struggling and start streamlining your business with the ConstructionSuite™ system.

Free 30-Day Trial

Try Before You Buy

Take a FREE 10-Day Test Drive of ConstructionSuite™ CM and see how easy it is to revolutionize the way you do business. By integrating construction Estimating, Scheduling, Contracts, Specifications, QuickBooks, and the breakthrough technology of ConstructionNet™ CRM, UDA ConstructionSuite delivers a comprehensive solution designed to give you total control.

New Features

After months of intense testing and feedback from thousands of clients, the UDA ConstructionSuite™ CM system is ready to go. Packed with over 300 new features, ConstructionSuite delivers the most advanced and tightly integrated project management software for growing construction firms. Learn more about the new ConstructionSuite CM.

Easy to Learn. Easy to Use.

With tons of built-in features designed to assist in usability, UDA ConstructionSuite™ CM is engineered to accommodate even novice users. While many companies claim that their software is easy to use, only a few can deliver on that statement. Here's a few reasons we're sure that you'll begin seeing the benefits almost immediately.

Innovation at the Core

With the release of ConstructionSuite™ CM, which integrates dramatically updated project management tools with the first construction-specific CRM system, UDA Technologies is once again re-envisioning what software can do for the construction industry. For the current version, the powerful trio of cutting-edge technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Basic .Net, and Infragistics resulted in the development of the most robust project management system available for construction professionals.

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MarriottUDA clients range from Fortune 100 member Marriott, the world's leading hospitality company, with 21 brands including: Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, Renaissance, Courtyard, Fairfield Inn, Ramada and Residence Inn, to over 550,000 successful Construction Professionals across the United States, Canada, and 75 countries worldwide.

"The thing I learned the quickest is that UDA has outstanding customer support - no matter who answers the phone, they are always very helpful and friendly."

Greg Hardwick
Hardwick General Contracting
Maitland, Florida

"Our philosophy is simplicity - if we can keep it simple, know exactly what we're doing, and control our costs - well, that's why we like ConstructionSuite. It makes that possible."

Rick Clendaniel
Georgelas Group
McLane , Virginia

"The most important thing to me is bringing a project in on time and on budget. ConstructionSuite helps us do that and it's what keeps business coming back"

Michael August
Hammer Head Construction & Development
Altamonte Springs, Florida

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