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The foundation of your business success rests on accurate cost control. With a wealth of industry-leading construction estimating features, UDA ConstructionSuite eliminates inaccurate job costing and gives you powerful cost management tools. Add in advanced integration that covers every aspect of your project, and you'll have one of the most powerful project management systems for small to medium construction firms.

UDA ConstructionSuite SystemAs a core component of the ConstructionSuite system, UDA Estimating offers dynamic integration with UDA Scheduling and QuickBooks, making it easy for you to manage projects from start to finish.

Reduce Risks. Increase Profits.
With an array of powerful construction estimating software tools, UDA Estimating enables you to develop comprehensive, accurate, construction estimates for any residential or remodeling project. And because UDA construction estimating software works seamlessly with Microsoft Excel, you can immediately employ its powerful capabilities.

UDA ConstructionSuite

With UDA Estimating, you can:

  • Create a complete construction estimate in minutes using the New Estimate Wizard, or start with one of many pre-defined cost templates for Residential and Remodeling projects and customize it to fit your project needs.
  • Add, modify, and delete categories, subcategories, and items to create custom construction estimates.
  • Easily create construction estimate templates for each of your project types.
  • Generate construction bids quickly with Lump Sum estimating, or use the Detailed method for more accurate job costing.
  • Create comprehensive construction estimates using the UDA Items Database with RS Means Cost Data, and easily update your estimates when costs change.
  • Assign uniform markup for materials, labor, subcontractors, and equipment with new classification-based line item markup.
  • Account for local, county, and state taxes for accurate construction material costs.
  • Ensure maximum profitability for each of your projects with industry-standard company overhead and margin calculations.
  • Track and analyze actual vs. estimated job costs for greater accuracy and precision.
  • Compute overhead and margin with industry-standard calculations to ensure your construction estimate includes the true margin for ultimate profitability.
  • Create customized Reports and Proposals that integrate seamlessly with UDA Document Management, including Project Proposals, Project Allowances reports, Materials Lists, and Over-Budget reports, and more.
  • Populate subcategory or item quantities using the dynamic Takeoff/Dimensions feature.
  • Never again let project changes affect your bottom line with the Change Order Management system (Premier and above).
  • Automatically generate change order proposals and contracts with the Change Order Management system (Premier and above).
  • Take control of your vendors and other resources with Resource Allocation (Pro and above).
  • Launch schedules from construction estimates and utilize advanced synchronization to give you a comprehensive look at your project progress and profitability.
  • Integrate construction estimate and schedule information with the Cash Flow Reporting system to project your company's financial outlook.
  • Unite the power of UDA Construction Estimating software and QuickBooks to easily generate a Chart of Accounts, QuickBooks Estimate, Invoices, and Purchase Orders (Pro versions and above).
  • Import QuickBooks Actual costs into your estimate for analyzing project success (Pro and above).
  • Utilize optional Microsoft Project Export to create schedules for others involved in your projects.
  • Create a comprehensive construction estimate from your AutoCAD Revit, Cadsoft, Chief Architect, or eTakeoff rendering with new CAD Integration (ConstructionSuite Premier and above).

  • New

    Now it's even easier to create a comprehensive construction estimate. Re-envisioned for the ConstructionSuite system, UDA Construction Estimating software puts the power of innovation and integration at your fingertips with hundreds of advanced features designed to give you total cost control.

  • Job Costing Reports makes tracking job profitability easy with new Estimated vs. Actual Cost Report and Remaining Balance Report.
  • RSMeans MeansData™ is now included in the UDA Items Database so you can easily create project estimates from pre-populated cost data.
  • Assemblies allow you to create pre-configured item groups with all of your material and labor quotes that can be easily inserted into your construction estimate.
  • Summary Estimating software creates quick, slimmed down estimates that include only the most vital information.
  • Duplicate Categories and Subcategories makes it easier than ever to share information between categories and other UDA Estimates.
  • CAD Integration has been expanded to include AutoCAD, Chief Architect and eTakeoff along with Cadsoft Envisioneer.
  • Keyboard Friendly Data Entry lets you navigate through your construction estimates faster.
  • The Universal Multiplier shows your estimated, actual, or variance costs based on project dimensions.
  • Canadian Sales Tax can now be easily calculated for the GST, HST, and PST.
  • Items Database Lookup allows you to quickly find and update items inserted in your construction estimate quickly in the UDA Items Database.

  • UDA ConstructionSuite

    Maximize Your Profits
    With UDA Construction Estimating software, advanced job costing tools such as classification-based line item markup, industry-standard overhead and margin calculation, and automated dimensions are just the beginning of the most comprehensive construction estimating system. With multi-project estimate reporting and integration with the Items Database, RS Means Cost Data, AutoCAD, Chief Architect, Cadsoft, QuickBooks, UDA Scheduling, and the revolutionary ConstructionNet™ CRM system, UDA Estimating delivers an unrivaled combination of strength and power designed to increase your accuracy and significantly increase profits.

    RS Means Cost Data
    RS Means CostbooksUDA ConstructionSuite now includes RSMeans MeansData™ costbooks, the most used, quoted, and respected unit price guides available. With over 25,000 items included in UDA ConstructionSuite, RSMeans Cost Data is the professional estimator's first choice for reliable price data for accurate budgeting and construction estimating. Choose from Means Residential Cost Data and Means Repair & Remodel Cost Data, or purchase any of the sixteen additional RSMeans costbooks for even more detailed unit price data.

    Thousands of Item Costs at Your Fingertips
    Creating construction estimates is easier than ever with the new Items Database in ConstructionSuite™. Preloaded with tens of thousands of items with material and labor costs from the RSMeans MeansData construction costbooks, the Items Database enables you to easily create construction estimates, enter and track quotes from vendors, and update existing estimates or templates when prices change. Access national average construction costs or adjust costs to your area for the most accurate database pricing. And, since the Items Database is fully customizable, you can create your own complete costbooks, add quotes, and modify existing information.

    Project ProposalsAutomate Comprehensive Project Proposals
    Create a professional construction proposal for a customer directly from your UDA Estimate. Use the Proposal Wizard to import contact and project information, specify a scope of work and any special conditions, and automatically insert estimate information. Allowances and Options marked in the estimate will automatically be listed in the Proposal.

    Amplify your Estimating Power with these Advanced Components:

    UDA ConstructionSuite

    QuickBooks IntegrationQuickBooks Integration
    Since QuickBooks is the most popular accounting system for small to medium businesses, we've made it easier than ever to integrate your current accounting system with the most powerful project management system for construction professionals. From your construction estimate in ConstructionSuite™, you can create a fully dynamic and flexible Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks, then launch QuickBooks estimates, invoices, and purchase orders automatically. With all new features such as the ability to import actual construction costs into your estimate, Insurance Tracking, and Transaction Logging, you'll benefit from the most advanced integration available for QuickBooks and project management software.
    QuickBooks Integration is included in ConstructionSuite™ Pro versions and above.

    AIA Application for Payment
    Any contractor who's ever completed AIA payment applications by hand knows what a cumbersome process it can be. With integration between UDA Construction Estimating software, QuickBooks and the new Application for Payment system, you'll never again struggle with completing AIA G702 and G703 forms. Automatically create industry-standard payment applications that you can print on AIA G702 and G703 forms, and rely on the powerful ConstructionSuite™ database to track all previous applications for each project you work on.
    Application for Payment is included in ConstructionSuite Premier versions and above.

    Advanced Change Order Management
    Properly documenting change orders is one of the key factors in keeping your project costs on target. In ConstructionSuite™, you can now enter, track, and manage project change orders quickly and easily. Document all project changes and then launch proposals and contracts for vendors and customers to ensure clear communication with everyone involved in your projects.
    Change Order Management is included in ConstructionSuite™ Premier versions and above.

    Advanced IntegrationMaking Integration Work for You
    Advanced integration from UDA Construction Estimating software eliminates double-entry tasks that can cost you valuable time and money. Import items, costs, and units from AutoCAD Revit, Cadsoft Envisioneer, Chief Architect, and eTakeoff; create schedules from estimates; synchronize information between estimates and schedules; utilize bi-directional QuickBooks Integration to create invoices, purchase orders, and more; import QuickBooks actuals into your estimates; and connect all your ConstructionSuite™ files through the dynamic database system.

    UDA Estimating is included in all ConstructionSuite™ versions.

  • With ConstructionSuite™ Pro versions and above, you can benefit from increased data in the Items Database and advanced integration with QuickBooks, UDA Scheduling, Resource Allocation, and Microsoft Project Export.
  • ConstructionSuite™ Premier editions and above feature Change Order Management, Application for Payment, Insurance Tracking, Cash Flow Reporting, and CAD Integration.
  • ConstructionSuite™ Corporate and Network versions deliver additional content and the Aggregate Reporting system designed for developers and contractors who manage multiple projects at a time.

  • Did you know?
    Construction professionals who use construction estimating software can estimate for a typical project about 4 times faster than contractors who use pen and paper or basic spreadsheets. With UDA Estimating, you can do twice the work in half the time yet have more professional and precise construction estimates for all of your projects.

    Not all ConstructionSuite versions include every feature described above. Refer to the Compare Versions web page to view a comprehensive list of features included in each version of ConstructionSuite. Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, and QuickBooks are not included with ConstructionSuite. ConstructionSuite and ConstructionNet are trademarks of UDA Technologies, Inc. RS Means, RSMeans, and MeansData™ Costbooks are trademarks of Reed Construction Data.

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