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Work AnywhereUnlimited InstallsSecure Data

Designed for clients that need the freedom to work anywhere, the office, jobsite, or home, UDA Envoy works seamlessly with ConstructionSuite to add convenience and flexibility to your daily schedule.

UDA Envoy™ - The Freedom to Work Anywhere

Envoy is a revolutionary new device that can extend ConstructionSuite to multiple computers. Coupled with new UDA Portable Database Technology, Envoy was designed for clients that need to be able to work anywhere, the office, jobsite, or home. Envoy works seamlessly with ConstructionSuite to add convenience and flexibility to your daily schedule. Learn More

Envoy 2.0

Now Includes Envoy™ 2.0 OS

Envoy 2.0 features enhanced UDA Portable Database Technology 2.0 which offers significantly increased database stability, faster access times for ConstructionSuite and project files, improved reliability, and better safeguards for use with laptops and portable devices. The new Envoy 2.0 OS is included as a free upgrade for Envoy users with the latest version of ConstructionSuite.

Simple to Use

How does it work? Just connect Envoy to the USB port on your computer and it will automatically pair itself with ConstructionSuite. Now, you have the unlimited flexibility and convenience of transferring your ConstructionSuite License and all data to any computer, anywhere, any time. Learn More

UDA Envoy

Step 1Step 1. Pair Envoy with ConstructionSuite
Connect Envoy to your computer to automatically pair it with ConstructionSuite.

Step 2Step 2. Go Anywhere
Take Envoy with you. ConstructionSuite is now at your service.

Step 3Step 3. Work Anywhere
Enjoy the freedom of working anywhere; the office, jobsite, or home.

Frequently Asked Questions

You know Envoy gives you the convenience of having ConstructionSuite and your data with you anywhere. But, How many computers can I install Envoy on? How long will Envoy retain data? Will Envoy work with multiple user installations of ConstructionSuite? Does Envoy require any wireless or web access to function? Learn More

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UDA Envoy™
Portable Database System

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    Frequently Asked Questions

Simple Setup

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