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No Server Required
With flexible networking architecture, you don't have to have a dedicated server to benefit from a shared master database. Proprietary networking technology makes it easy for 5, 10, or 25 users to share information through a peer-to-peer workgroup, dedicated Windows server, wireless network, remote desktop technology, or virtual private network (VPN).

Multiple Users. Multiple Locations.
Now with ConstructionSuite™ CM Enterprise, it's easy to work in the office or on the site. In addition to having the ability to log in to a master database, each licensed computer comes equipped with its own database, so you can utilize the power of ConstructionSuite on a laptop or tablet PC in the field.

Get Connected
Sharing a database is easy with UDA ConstructionSuite™. Follow the simple steps below to get connected and start saving time by having all of your employees work from a central shared database.
Note: For this process to work successfully, you need to have either a peer-to-peer network or dedicated server in your office.

Step 1: Set up the primary computer

  • Decide which computer you would like to designate as the primary database.
  • On the ConstructionSuite interface on the primary computer, go to Tools > Configuration > User Configuration.
  • Click the [add new] link in the list to open the User Information window.
  • Enter a Username and a Password. Verify the password.
  • Designate an access level: User or Administrator. An administrator can force check-in a file if it is opened by another user.
  • Enter a First and Last Name for the user and click OK.

  • Step 2: Share the primary database

  • Open ConstructionSuite on the licensed computer you would like to connect to the primary database.
  • On the login screen, enter the Username and Password for the primary database.
  • Click the Server > button on the right.
  • Use the drop-down menu to select the primary computer's name from the list and click OK.
  • The computer is now logged in to the primary database. The name of the primary computer will appear in the top right of the interface under the Server heading.

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