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UDA ConstructionSuite™ CM Enterprise
UDA ConstructionSuite™ CM Enterprise is the culmination of advanced networking capabilities and the industry's most comprehensive information management system. Give your employees the power to take control of their projects and contacts with upgraded Estimating, QuickBooks Integration, Scheduling, and Contracts, combined with the new Items Database, Integrated Calendar, Resource Allocation, Change Order Management, CAD Integration, Insurance Tracking, Workflows, Application for Payment, Lead Tracking, Cash Flow Reporting, and tools for Property Development.

Microsoft Exchange ServerNew Microsoft Exchange Server Integration
ConstructionSuite Network, Enterprise, and multi-user clients can now benefit from advanced Microsoft Exchange Server sync and integration compatibilities. In addition to enhanced synchronization, users can mirror both Outlook and Exchange categories and folders as groups, and also have the option to not share private activities, contacts and to dos. Learn More

Feature Summary - ConstructionSuite™ CM Enterprise
ConstructionNet™ CRM
  • Dual contact and project database puts the power of integrated CRM at your fingertips.
  • Benefit from the most comprehensive and integrated Contact Management available for construction professionals.
  • Take Project Management to the next level, and create dynamic links between all of your project related information.
  • Automated Workflow management tools keep each of your projects progressing smoothly.
  • Associate Dimension sets with project types and utilize this dynamic feature to increase your construction estimating speed and accuracy.
  • Use Insurance Tracking to ensure that all of your project resources such as vendors and subcontractors have valid Insurance, Licenses, or Bonds before scheduling or paying them.
  • Enter, track, and manage leads effectively with Lead Management.
  • Organize and manage all of your company's Activities and To Dos with two dynamic utilities that link tasks and to do items with contacts or projects.
  • Take advantage of three-way contact synchronization between ConstructionSuite, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Outlook with UDA ContactSync.
  • AppointmentSync merges the UDA Integrated Calendar with Microsoft Outlook, so you can take your calendar with you in the field on a pocket PC or PDA.
  • UDA Estimating
  • Create a complete construction estimate in minutes using the New Estimate Wizard, or start with a template for Residential, Remodeling, Light Commercial, or Commercial projects and customize it to fit your project needs
  • Quickly assemble comprehensive, accurate, construction estimates using the UDA Items Database.
  • Classification-based line item markup makes it easy to assign uniform markup for materials, labor, subcontractors, and equipment.
  • Industry-standard company overhead and margin calculations ensure appropriate profitability for each of your projects.
  • Populate subcategory or item quantities using the dynamic new Dimensions feature.
  • Advanced reporting features put the information you need at your fingertips, whether it's for one or one hundred projects.
  • Manage Change Orders with ease and never again let project changes affect your bottom line.
  • Resource allocation works in conjunction with QuickBooks Integration and Insurance Tracking to give you maximum vendor information control.
  • QuickBooks Integration unites the power of UDA Construction Estimating software with QuickBooks to deliver the most flexible integration available for construction professionals.
  • Integrate project estimates with UDA Scheduling and the rest of the ConstructionSuite system for supreme efficiency.
  • UDA Items Database
  • Pre-loaded with over 20,000 items and over 38,000 quotes from RSMeans MeansData™ Costbooks with quarterly updates available for TotalCare members.
  • Adjust pre-loaded costs to your area with just a few clicks.
  • Create your own complete costbooks, add quotes, and modify existing information.
  • Enter and track quotes from local vendors for easier bid tracking and cost management.
  • Build comprehensive, accurate, construction estimates using costs stored in the Items Database.
  • Unlimited capacity gives you ultimate cost control without sacrificing stability or performance.
  • Update existing construction estimates or templates when costs change.
  • RS Means Cost Data
  • Fully integrated into the UDA Items Database, RS Means Costbooks provide instant access to thousands of prices for material and labor costs, city cost indexes, and more. Costbooks included in ConstructionSuite CM Enterprise:
  • Building Construction Cost Data (BCCD) - ($185 value)
  • Light Commercial - ($230 value)
  • Commercial with Assemblies - ($800 value)
  • Residential - ($210 value)
  • Repair & Remodel - ($100 value)
  • Quarterly updates are available for TotalCare members.
  • * Additional RS Means Costbooks available for purchase.
  • UDA Change Order Management
  • Track and manage project changes with robust Change Order Management.
  • Designate status as Pending, Accepted, or Rejected for full accurate cost representation.
  • Create Change Order Proposal Request for vendors to gather accurate information for pricing and scheduling project changes.
  • Compile a listing of all Change Orders in a construction estimate with the Change Order Summary Report
  • Automatically generate Change Order Contracts for clients to ensure client financial responsibility.
  • UDA QuickBooks Integration
  • Create a chart of accounts directly from your construction estimate and select from a variety of options with the most flexible accounting integration system available.
  • Launch QuickBooks estimates, invoices and purchase orders easily from your project estimate.
  • Now you have the ability to create invoices from categories, subcategories, or vendors.
  • Import QuickBooks actuals back into your estimate to measure job profitability and estimate accuracy.
  • Account for retainage throughout your project and invoice for retainage at the end of the project.
  • Application for Payment creates, tracks, and manages AIA G702 and G703 forms for your projects using invoiced amounts obtained through QuickBooks Integration.
  • Insurance tracking ensure that all vendors and subcontractors have valid Insurance, Licenses, or Bonds before you pay the bills.
  • Advanced Transaction Logging tracks user actions, so you have a complete record of all project-related activities in QuickBooks.
  • UDA Application for Payment
  • Create AIA G702 and G703 forms automatically through integration with UDA Construction Estimating software and QuickBooks
  • Invoiced amounts through QuickBooks Integration easily merge to form industry-standard payment applications
  • Application information is stored in the database for each project, alleviating the need to manually record previous applications.
  • UDA Scheduling
  • Easily create comprehensive construction schedules for each of your company's projects.
  • Utilize industry-standard critical path tools to alleviate dead time between tasks
  • Create a baseline to track schedule accuracy
  • Set reminders for project resources and automatically send notifications of upcoming tasks
  • Designate vendors, subcontractors, and vendors to avoid double-booking resources
  • Advanced, multi-project reports give you comprehensive overview of upcoming tasks and project progression.
  • Scheduled subtasks for every project appear in the Integrated Calendar for ultimate multi-project control.
  • Take schedule information in the field on a handheld device with advanced synchronization between the Integrated Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.
  • View schedule information for all projects of a certain type or in a project grouping with the Aggregate Reporting system.
  • Integrate project schedules with UDA Estimating and the rest of the ConstructionSuite system for ultimate efficiency.
  • UDA Construction Calendar
  • Manage multiple project schedules with ease through the Integrated Calendar.
  • Project subtasks and activities merge to give you a comprehensive record of your company's schedule.
  • Multiple view options give you ultimate control over how you access calendar information.
  • Customize calendar display and filter data to get and print the information you need.
  • Bi-directional synchronization between the Integrated Calendar and Microsoft Outlook to cross-references and centralizes calendar information
  • Take your ConstructionSuite calendar to the job site on a pocket PC or PDA through Microsoft Outlook with UDA AppointmentSync.
  • UDA Resource Allocation
  • Assign vendors, subcontractors, equipment, and more in your project estimates and schedules.
  • Avoid double-booking resources with advanced resource tracking in the ConstructionSuite database.
  • Generate resource-based reports in Estimating, Scheduling, and throughout the ConstructionSuite system.
  • Merge the benefits of Resource Allocation with UDA Insurance Tracking to avoid scheduling subcontractors with expired Insurance, Licenses, or Bonds.
  • Ensure valid Insurance, Licenses, and Bonds for any vendors or subcontractors before paying bills through advanced integration with QuickBooks.
  • UDA Insurance Tracking
  • Create certificates for Insurance, Licenses, and Bonds.
  • Set notification time frame for expiring insurance.
  • Utilize in conjunction with Resource Allocation in UDA Construction Scheduling software to ensure properly licensed and insured project vendors and subcontractors.
  • Be warned of expired certificates before paying bills (requires QuickBooks Integration).
  • UDA Workflow Management
  • Outline project steps from pre-construction through closing.
  • Take advantage of pre-loaded Workflows or create your own.
  • Link Workflows to Project Types and easily repurpose successful workflows for each project your company takes on.
  • Utilize item actions to launch templates, web pages, or other programs
  • UDA Cash Flow Reporting
  • Merge construction estimating and scheduling information for comprehensive reporting.
  • Take control of your company's financial health with advanced reporting options.
  • Project profitability for single or multiple projects.
  • Select date range and designate time increment such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
  • View financial inflows and outflows.
  • UDA Lead Management
  • Lead rating enables you to designate viability for each lead, letting you focus your resources on the most interested prospective clients.
  • Track referrals to see which sources are producing the highest return on investment.
  • Document all correspondence through the dynamic ConstructionNet™ CRM system.
  • UDA Contracts
  • Leverage a comprehensive library of over 170 contracts and forms to limit your liability.
  • Customize contracts and forms to fit your project needs.
  • Communicate project standards and expectations with professionally-authored legal documents.
  • Industry-standard arbitration clauses ease disputes and lessen legal expenses if questions do arise.
  • Employ UDA Document Management to take advantage of automated features such as styles, letterheads, and more.
  • UDA Specifications
  • Effortlessly define methods, materials, and finishes to ensure that the project is completed according to your standards and expectations.
  • Communicate effectively with clients, vendors, and subcontractors.
  • Start with templates for Residential, Light Commercial, or Property Development and customize to fit your project needs.
  • Preview, edit, and select specifications using the dynamic UDA Specifications Wizard
  • Create wizard templates to reuse specification sets for each project type
  • UDA Document Management
  • Import contact information from ConstructionNet™ CRM for any vendor, supplier, or subcontractor in your database.
  • Connect documents to projects for better organization and tracking.
  • Put a professional face on all your documents with automated styles, letterheads, watermarks, and more.
  • Create your own documents that work with the ConstructionSuite system using UDA Custom AutoDocs Wizard
  • MS Project Export
  • Use OPTIONAL export to MS Project to share schedules with people who do not have ConstructionSuite Installed
  • Export from a project estimate or schedule
  • Select to export either task list only or the full schedule, including task names, start dates, end dates, durations, and predecessors.
  • CAD Integration
  • Advanced integration with AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Revit, Cadsoft Envisioneer, Chief Architect, and eTakeoff
  • Creates a comprehensive construction estimate from CAD Rendering
  • Easy import options turn Bill of Materials into UDA Estimate in minutes.
  • UDA Property Development Content
  • Specifications designed for developers ensure consistency throughout your projects.
  • Residential and commercial covenants ensure proper standards and practices for your developments
  • Advanced reporting merges data from multi-projects for a comprehensive look at your company's projects.
  • UDA Aggregate Reporting
  • Compile and organize all of your company's information.
  • Multi-project capabilities merge data across the ConstructionSuite database.
  • Take advantage of multiple sort and filter options to extract information about your company's projects.
  • View total number of projects, start and end dates, total estimated cost, total actual cost, and more.
  • Advanced Networking
  • Proprietary Database sharing delivers rapid file access and greater security.
  • Share a database with 5, 10, or 25 users, depending on your Network version.
  • Utilize ConstructionSuite on or off the company Network with advanced synchronization utility
  • Propagate information across all users on the network with faster internal and external data replication
  • Protect your data with new security measures including proprietary Check In/Check Out to prevent double-editing
  • Schedule comprehensive system backups to protect your company's most vital data
  • Track user's actions with advanced Transaction Logging
  • Robust back-end database provides greater stability in high-demand situations.
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