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Insert Echo

1. Connect Echo to the USB port on your primary computer that has ConstructionSuite installed and running.

2. Echo will launch the Setup Utility.

3. Follow the onscreen instructions and Echo will automatically backup your ConstructionSuite data.

Backup your Data

1. Once you have backed up your ConstructionSuite data to Echo, all of your project data is safely stored on Echo, giving you the freedom and security to restore your ConstructionSuite files if necessary.

2. Either leave Echo attached to your computer for future backups or eject Echo from your computer by clicking the Echo eject button in ConstructionSuite.

Rest Easy

1. This is the easy part.

2. For added protection keep one Echo attached to your computer for scheduled backups and a second Echo stored at an offsite location - you can never have too much peace of mind.

3. Use separate Echos to protect multiple computers.

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