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Contracts - The Foundation of a Successful Project

By combining the skills and knowledge of expert construction professionals and attorneys, UDA Technologies offers a comprehensive library of contracts that clearly define expectations for builders, owners and contractors to help you avoid potential miscommunications and costly disagreements that can ruin or delay a project.

Professional Content
Updated regularly by leading construction professionals, UDA Construction Contracts and Forms include clauses for scope of labor and materials, permits, insurance, scheduling, clean-up, payment schedules, arbitration, and toxic mold to address the latest critical issues in the industry and provide professional solutions for your project management needs.

Endorsed by the Industry 
UDA Contracts and Forms include optional Arbitration Clauses approved by the National Construction Dispute Resolution Committee and endorsed by all 22 major construction trade organizations, including:

National Association of Home Builders
Associated General Contractors
American Bar Association
Construction Specifications Institute
American Institute of Architects
Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.

UDA ConstructionSuite 2011 UDA Pro Contract Templates UDA Contract Templates UDA Individual Contract Bundles & Forms

Listing of Contracts and Forms
The following Contracts and Forms are included in all versions of ConstructionSuite™ and the UDA Contract Templates package.

Construction Contracts

  • C01 Fixed Amount Contract ( Preview )
  • C02 Cost Plus Contract - Percentage ( Preview )
  • C03 Cost Plus Contract - Fee ( Preview )
  • C04 Construction Sales Agreement 
  • C05 Under Construction Sales Agreement 
  • C06 Construction Sales Agreement - As Is 
  • C10 Small Project Contract 
  • Remodeling Contracts

  • R01 Remodeling - Fixed Contract Amount ( Preview )
  • R02 Remodeling - Cost Plus Percentage ( Preview )
  • R03 Remodeling - Cost Plus Fixed Fee ( Preview )
  • R04 General Renovation ( Preview )
  • R05 General Renovation - Cost Plus Fixed Fee ( Preview )
  • R06 General Renovation - Cost Plus Percent ( Preview )
  • Conditions, Allowances, Finish Schedules and Payment Schedules 

  • CA01 General Conditions ( Preview )
  • CA02 Project Allowances ( Preview )
  • CA03 Finish Schedule - Exterior ( Preview )
  • CA04 Finish Schedule - Interior ( Preview )
  • CA05 Construction Payment Schedule ( Preview )
  • Change Orders, Inspection Check Lists and Warranties

  • CA06 Proposal Request for Change Order ( Preview )
  • CA07 Itemized Proposal for Change Order ( Preview )
  • CA08 Change Order - Fixed Contract ( Preview )
  • CA09 Change Order - Cost Plus ( Preview )
  • CA10 Certificate of Substantial Completion ( Preview )
  • CA11 Inspection Check List - Punch List ( Preview )
  • CA12 Limited Warranty ( Preview )
  • CA13 Mold Disclosure Statement
  • Sub-Contractor Contracts and Forms

  • 59 Expert Sub-Contracts for specialized trades ( View Complete List )
  • Sub-Contractor Payment Guidelines, Change Orders, etc.
  • Draw Requests and Lien Forms 

  • F01 Draw Request - Fixed Contract ( Preview )
  • F02 Draw Request - Cost Plus ( Preview )
  • F03 Affidavit for Release of Mechanic's Liens ( Preview )
  • F04 Affidavit for Payments of Debts and Claims ( Preview )
  • F05 Lien ( Preview )
  • F06 Lien Waiver ( Preview )
  • F07 Warranty Deed
  • F08 Record of Payments
  • F09 Request for Price - Materials
  • F10 Purchase Order
  • F11 Conditional Waiver Upon Progress Payment ( Preview )
  • F12 Conditional Waiver Upon Final Payment ( Preview )
  • F13 Unconditional Waiver Upon Final Payment ( Preview )
  • F14 Unconditional Waiver Upon Prog. Payment ( Preview )
  • F15 Stop Notice
  • F16 Preliminary 20-Day Notice
  • F17 Notice of Right of Rescission
  • Real Estate Contracts 

  • RE01 Real Estate Sales Agreement ( Preview )
  • RE02 Real Estate Sales Agreement - Agency 
  • RE03 Real Estate Land Sales Agreement ( Preview )
  • RE04 Real Estate Land Sales Agreement - Agency 
  • RE05 Real Estate Brokerage Disclosure 
  • RE06 Purchasers Expense Sheet 
  • FHA, VA FMHA Forms 

  • 17 Official FHA, VA and FMHA forms ( View Complete List )
  • Specialized Contracts

    Specialized Contracts
    The following Specialized Construction Contracts and Forms are only available in ConstructionSuite™ Pro versions and above.

    Design-Build Contracts *(Included in UDA ConstructionSuite™ Pro, Premier, Corporate and Network versions)

  • DB01 Design-Build Fixed Contract 
  • DB02 Design-Build Cost Plus Percentage 
  • DB03 Design-Build Cost Plus Fee 
  • Construction Management Contracts *(Included in UDA ConstructionSuite™ Pro, Premier, Corporate and Network versions)

  • CM01 Construction Management - Fixed Fee 
  • CM02 Construction Management - Cost Plus 
  • Architectural Contracts *(Included in UDA ConstructionSuite™ Pro, Premier, Corporate and Network versions)

  • A01 Architect-Owner Design Services SF
  • A02 Architect-Owner Design & Construction Management Services 
  • A03 Architect-Owner Renovation Project SF+Hourly
  • A04 Architect-Engineer Services 
  • A05 Architect-Consultant Services 
  • A06 Interior Space Planning 
  • A07 Architect-Owner Design Services SF+Hourly
  • Architectural Forms *(Included in UDA ConstructionSuite™ Pro, Premier, Corporate and Network versions)

  • AC01 General Conditions 
  • AC02 Scope of Services 
  • AC03 Change Order
  • AC04 Design Professional's Lien
  • UDA ConstructionSuite 2011 UDA Pro Contract Templates UDA Contract Templates UDA Individual Contract Bundles & Forms

    Individual Bundles and Construction Contract Packages
    UDA now offers 34 popular Contract Bundles as well as a complete Contract Templates package of 129 construction contracts and forms. Available for purchase and immediate download, these files can be fully customized using any word processor such as Microsoft Word, Works, or WordPerfect. Contract Bundles range from $9.95 - $23.95, and the complete Contract Templates package is available for only $79.95.

    Making Integration Work for You
    When utilized as a part of the integrated ConstructionSuite™ project management system, all contracts and forms link into the central database, enabling you to create connections across your documents, projects, and contacts. With a complete library of over 170 construction contracts and forms for Residential, Remodeling, and Light Commercial projects, UDA Contracts integrates superior Document Management features and new ConstructionNet™ CRM technology to provide the most dynamic construction contracts available.

    A comprehensive library of over 130 construction contracts and forms are included in all versions of ConstructionSuite.

  • Pro versions and above include additional contracts for specialized fields.
  • Corporate and Network versions include content for property and real estate developers.

  • Not all ConstructionSuite versions include every feature described above. Refer to the Compare Versions web page to view a comprehensive list of features included in each version of ConstructionSuite. Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, and QuickBooks are not included with ConstructionSuite. ConstructionSuite and ConstructionNet are trademarks of UDA Technologies, Inc. RS Means, RSMeans, and MeansData™ Costbooks are trademarks of Reed Construction Data.

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