CAD Integration

Every minute you spend working in the office or on the computer is time away from the site. Performing manual take-offs from plans consumes valuable time and can be a tedious process. But the new integration with AutoCAD Revit, SoftPlan, Cadsoft Envisioneer, Chief Architect, eTakeoff, Planswift, and CAD Estimator enables you to substantially reduce time spent doing material take-offs.

Turn Take-offs Into Estimates in Minutes

The advanced integration between components in UDA ConstructionSuite™ makes it easy to eliminate time-consuming tasks that chip away at your bottom line, and the new integration with AutoCAD Revit, SoftPlan, Cadsoft Envisioneer, Chief Architect, and eTakeoff is just another step we've taken to ensure that you spend your time wisely.

Cadsoft Chief Architect eTakeoff AutoCAD Revit Planswift Softplan CAD Estimator

Sample CAD Integration Screenshots:

With CAD Integration, you can:

  • Dramatically cut the time you spend doing take-offs from plans.
  • Reduce errors that can occur from double-entry tasks.
  • Quickly develop a comprehensive project estimate.
  • Leverage your construction estimating information throughout the entire ConstructionSuite™ system to give you the information you need, when you need it.
UDA ConstructionSuite
StepsStep 1. Create a Materials List in your CAD Application
Create a Materials Takeoff, Bill of Materials, Materials List, or Measurement List

StepsStep 2. Export into UDA ConstructionSuite
Open a ConstructionSuite Estimate and Import the materials data from your CAD application.

StepsStep 3. Your Estimate is Automatically Created
Your estimate is automatically built with the Categories, Subcategories, and Items from your CAD file.

Turn your CAD Rendering into a comprehensive UDA Estimate in just a few steps:

  • Create a Materials Takeoff for AutoCAD Revit or SoftPlan, a Bill of Materials from Cadsoft Envisioneer, a Materials List from Chief Architect, or a measurement list from eTakeoff
  • Open a blank UDA Estimate
  • Import the AutoCAD Revit, SoftPlan, Cadsoft, Chief Architect, Planswift, eTakeoff, or CAD Estimator file.
  • Sit back and watch UDA Construction Estimating software automatically build an estimate complete with categories, subcategories, and items with quantities and costs.

Making Integration Work for You

Now you can use best-of-class systems to go from design to paying subs and suppliers without having to double- or triple-enter your numbers. From the rendering in AutoCAD Revit, SoftPlan, Cadsoft Envisioneer, Chief Architect, or eTakeoff, you can create a bill of materials and then easily import it into the ConstructionSuite system for a detailed breakdown of quantities, units, and costs. Then, take advantage of professional-grade project management that integrates UDA Construction Estimating software, Schedules, Contracts, and more before utilizing QuickBooks Integration to create a chart of accounts, invoices, purchase orders, and budgets.

Take-offs are made easy with the new CAD Integration, available when you use AutoCAD Revit, SoftPlan, Cadsoft Envisioneer, Chief Architect, or eTakeoff with a Premier, Corporate, or Network version of ConstructionSuite™.

UDA ConstructionSuite Premier UDA ConstructionSuite Corporate UDA ConstructionSuite Network UDA ConstructionSuite Catalyst UDA ConstructionSuite Developer UDA ConstructionSuite Enterprise

Note: You can also enter project dimensions and quickly populate the quantities in your construction estimate with the Takeoff/Dimension feature in UDA ConstructionSuite™.

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