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UDA Cost Estimating Guide and TemplatesUDA Cost Estimate
UDA Cost Estimates are available for each UDA Ideal Home Plan or Duplex Plan and include a detailed 3-page print out of projected construction costs plus powerful Microsoft Excel spreadsheet estimating templates incorporating the same data on disk that you can modify to meet your specific project needs or track construction costs.

Refine your Project Budget 
Cost Estimates are broken down into clear and understandable categories and are based on National Average Construction Costs. Spreadsheet templates are fully modifiable and offer a simple and accurate way to refine your estimate or track actual costs on your computer using Microsoft Excel or most other spreadsheet applications. Other UDA Software Solutions for Homeowners and Professionals.

Save $100 on your next Plan Purchase! 
For complete preconstruction information, or if you are interested in estimating construction costs for your new home, then Save $59.90 by purchasing the UDA PreConstruction Package which includes a Preview Set of Ideal Home Plans, Accessible Plans or Duplex Plans, Materials List, Specifications and UDA Cost Estimate, and receive a $100.00 Instant Rebateon the price of any 1 Set, 5 Set or Reproducible Set of Ideal Home Plans, Accessible Plans or Duplex Plans ordered within 90 days!  

Each UDA Cost Estimate includes:
  • Detailed 3 page estimate of projected Construction Costs
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheet estimating template on disk with specific plan quantities and multipliers
  • Clear and understandable list of labor and material categories

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    Type G - 4000sf-Up
    Type H - Duplexes

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