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UDA TotalCare
Comprehensive Coverage
Extend the benefits of your Construction Office investment with UDA TotalCare. You'll have everything you need - from fast technical support to effortless product upgrades - all for an affordable price.

Benefits of UDA TotalCare

It Pays for Itself
By purchasing UDA TotalCare, you'll save an average of $300 off yearly technical support and upgrade costs.

Top ReasonsBenefit 1. Major Upgrades
With UDA TotalCare we'll ship the next upgrade at no charge, so you can relax knowing that your company is always benefiting from the latest, most feature-rich Construction Office available.

Major upgrades are shipped on CD, immediately upon release, ensuring that TotalCare members are using the latest version of UDA components.

  • UDA TotalCare members automatically receive all major upgrades of Construction Office software throughout the TotalCare period
  • Upgrades are shipped on CD with updated Construction Office user guides and documentation
  • Join now to protect your Construction Office investment and keep your systems updated

  • Top ReasonsBenefit 2. Priority Technical Support
    UDA TotalCare members have direct access to Construction Office experts for quick, step-by-step solutions. Your calls are answered in less than 10 minutes.*
  • Access technical support solutions through priority phone calls, online remote support, priority email support, and access to the latest UDA Knowledgebase
  • Priority Support phone calls are answered first for quick, responsive resolutions to your support needs
  • Phone and remote support is available Monday through Friday, 10 to 6 EST, excluding holidays
  • * Response time may vary. Average response time for priority support is 5.7 minutes

  • Top ReasonsBenefit 3. New and Updated Content
    UDA updates content throughout the year to meet new requirements and provide better project management tools for construction. TotalCare members can check for and download new updates for Construction Office using the built-in Software Update feature. These updates are available to TotalCare members for download throughout the subscription period. Updates may include:  
  • Revised or updated content including optional updates to contracts, forms, notices, waivers, addenda, etc.
  • Built-in Software Update for online access of minor feature improvements and enhancements for Construction Office
  • Additions and revisions to residential, light commercial, and development specifications
  • Special Offers!Save $300 on UDA TotalCare!
    Save an average of $300 off yearly technical support and upgrade costs with UDA TotalCare. Call 1-800-700-8321 for more information.

    Learn which Construction Office Suite best meets your needs. 

    System Components
    The UDA Construction Office System The Construction Office System includes the following Components. Overview
    Major Components
  • Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Contracts
  • Specifications
  • Document Management
  • Additional Tools
  • ProjectBackup
  • ProjectSync
  • Marketing Tools
  • Financing
  • Mobile Integration
  • Additional Licenses

  • Current UDA Products
    New ConstructionSuite 2011
  • Network 2011
    Advanced Networking Capabilities
  • Corporate 2011
    Comprehensive Project Management
  • Premier 2011
    Robust System for Professionals
  • Pro 2011
    Enhanced System for Small Firms
  • Standard 2011
    Entry-Level System for Contractors
  • ConstructionNet CRM
    Construction Resource Management
  • Compare Versions
    Preview Features and Benefits
  • Discontinued Versions
  • Professional 2004
  • Developer 2004
  • Network 2004
  • Builder 2004
  • Remodeler 2004
  • Homeowner 2004
  • Architect 2004
  • Design-Build 2004
  • LT Commercial 2004
  • Construction Mgt 2004
  • California 2004

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