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UDA Technical Support
Construction Office Technical Support 
Service after the Sale  
UDA Construction Office software has been designed to install quickly and operate efficiently as a project management system.  If questions do arise, 30 days of Technical Support for installation and general use guidelines of UDA Construction Office is available for licensed users Monday through Friday 10am-6pm Eastern Time, except holidays.  

UDA WebHelp KnowledgebaseKnowledgebase - UDA Construction Office WebHelp  
For online web-based help you can access an integrated knowledgebase with over 500 comprehensive topics in UDA Construction Office WebHelp, an interactive searchable help system designed to assist users with the latest up-to-date information, guidelines, best-use-practices, project solutions, and frequently asked questions on Construction Office. Search the UDA Knowledgebase  

Support Options  
Registered users of UDA Construction Office software are entitled to 30 days of Technical Support starting on the date of purchase. Options include E-mail Support: support@uda1.com Fax Support and Phone Support.  

Contacting Technical Support  
Before you contact technical support, make sure you have the following information available:  

  • Licensed Users Name and Phone Number
  • Version of Construction Office
  • Operating System
  • Word Processing or Spreadsheet Application
  • Description of the problem

    Support Contacts & Phone Numbers
    E-mail Support   
    Contact e-mail:  support@uda1.com  
    Monday through Friday 10am-6pm Eastern Time, except holidays.  

    Phone Support Help Line  
    Phone Number:**  1(334) 826-9035  
    Monday through Friday 10am-6pm Eastern Time, except holidays.  

    ** Long Distance charges may apply.  

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    Service and Support
    UDA TotalCare
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    System Components
    The UDA Construction Office System The Construction Office System includes the following Components. Overview
    Major Components
  • Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Contracts
  • Specifications
  • Document Management
  • Additional Tools
  • ProjectBackup
  • ProjectSync
  • Marketing Tools
  • Financing
  • Mobile Integration
  • Additional Licenses

  • Current UDA Products
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  • Network 2011
    Advanced Networking Capabilities
  • Corporate 2011
    Comprehensive Project Management
  • Premier 2011
    Robust System for Professionals
  • Pro 2011
    Enhanced System for Small Firms
  • Standard 2011
    Entry-Level System for Contractors
  • ConstructionNet CRM
    Construction Resource Management
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    Preview Features and Benefits
  • Discontinued Versions
  • Professional 2004
  • Developer 2004
  • Network 2004
  • Builder 2004
  • Remodeler 2004
  • Homeowner 2004
  • Architect 2004
  • Design-Build 2004
  • LT Commercial 2004
  • Construction Mgt 2004
  • California 2004

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