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Greg Hardwick reveals the best kept secret to his flourishing business - ConstructionSuite.

Hardwick General Contracting
Maitland, Florida

Greg Hardwick P.E., President and owner of Hardwick General Contracting in Maitland, FL, has been a longtime supporter of UDA Technologies and the ConstructionSuite system. HGC has been in business in the Central Florida region since 2004 and typically completes about 12 projects each year, all while maintaining a limited staff. How does he do it? ConstructionSuite.

Greg found ConstructionSuite while he was searching for the perfect construction productivity software. "I knew that I wanted to find software to help run my business, and I'm not sure how I initially came across UDA, but I'm definitely glad I did" said Greg. Once he made the move to do custom home building, he inquired about ConstructionSuite and how it could help his business. And help his business, it has - H.G.C. is more productive, professional, and prosperous than ever before.

In his previous experiences, Greg had witnessed construction businesses working in extremely different environments. He said, "When I made the move to do custom home building, the people I initially worked with were on both ends of the spectrums - one small business who was just feeding tons of data into a program, and the other who worked strictly with paper and pen. My background in Engineering made me want to have something in between those two experiences. I wanted something that didn't take four people to input the data so that four others could use the program. UDA ConstructionSuite was the perfect in-between program because it could be tailored for me and my business."

ConstructionSuite gives Greg the capabilities of a comprehensive construction management program, making it easy to create estimates, schedules, and contracts, as well as handle company management, including insurance tracking and lead management, and integrating with QuickBooks for accounting purposes. "The entire process of estimating, contracts and QuickBooks integration was great. I got hooked to the program when I first started using contracts. Then with estimating, I just had to pick a similar project and within a matter of a few hours, I had a very professional, very detailed estimate. But the thing that really saved me the most time was the integration with Outlook - it was essential. I currently have 900+ contacts and to be able to automatically sync those into ConstructionSuite and then into QuickBooks saved us hours of time and possible mistakes."

Greg is also a dedicated supporter of the UDA TotalCare service and support program. TotalCare gives Greg unlimited Priority Support so he can get 100% of his questions answered - regardless how small or large those may be. He has also received Personalized Training for his team so they can fully utilize the benefits of ConstructionSuite. Additionally, with his TotalCare plan, Greg receives quarterly RS Means Costbooks updates, exclusive benefits like Suitelink - the direct connection to ConstructionOnline, and an upgrade to the newest ConstructionSuite product at its release. "The thing I learned the quickest is that UDA has outstanding customer support - no matter who answers the phone, they are always very helpful and friendly." Whether he calls a few days a week or just once a month for assistance, Greg realizes the support and service program is worth his time and his money.

All of these easy to use features and services make it possible for Hardwick General Contracting to employ only three people, even during the recent market collapse. "We've been able to operate this entire process ourselves and it's completely streamlined my business. ConstructionSuite kept us lean and mean in the downturn of the market, and we're doing more work now than we've ever done," said Greg.

And while Hardwick GC's situation may be unique, he credits his ability to succeed during this market to UDA. Greg said, "Luckily the market didn't change our business. We built our business around UDA's program and we haven't had to change. I have the upper hand over other builders I'm competing against, all because of this program. No one else in Central Florida can create estimates that are as detailed and as professional as what we present to our clients. Honestly, I have kind of kept the program a secret because my competition would be better if they knew about it too."

Not only does Greg have an upper hand in Florida because of the advantages ConstructionSuite gives him, he also has an edge as the leader in Green Building in the Florida area. After a decade of learning about energy use, production, consumption, and how that affects our world while working for a Fortune 250 electric utility company, Greg decided to enter the construction industry and knew that green construction was the future.

Hardwick G.C. can build completely green or integrate any level of energy saving, durability, and indoor air quality elements into a project based on existing conditions and/or budget. In fact, HGC can do that so well, they received the Aurora Award from the Southeast Building Conference for a Whole House Green Remodel, which is the same project that earned the first ever Platinum Certification by the Florida Green Building Coalition. HGC also received a Green Building Remodel Project of the Year Award from the National Association of Home Builders.

He is a LEED Accredited Professional through the US Green Building Council and is designated as a Certified Graduate Builder and a Certified Green Professional by the National Association of Home Builders. Hardwick has long been an advocate for the NAHB Green program, is a Member of the Florida Green Building Coalition and USGBC. He is also an active member of the Home Builders Association of Metro Orlando (HBA) and was instrumental in the establishment of the HBA's Green Building Committee, of which he currently serves as Chairman. At the upcoming Southeast Building Conference in Orlando, Florida, Greg will be a featured speaker, giving informational sessions on Green Remodeling and Energy Tax Credits, while also leading a 'Strategies for Attainable Workforce Housing' session, which includes an on-site tour of four NAHB and LEED certified homes in the Orlando area. Greg has recently begun using the Green family of ConstructionSuite programs, which offer him additional Green building specifications, standards, and guidelines.

"Where we are now in Green building, energy, water conservation, and even waste stream minimization, will eventually become the industry standard," said Greg. He takes the lead helping others master those areas as well so they can make the biggest impact. "It's a responsibility more than anything, and I want to share as much information I can about Green Building." With his primary goal being education at the SEBC, Greg will not only share his wealth of knowledge on this area, but he'll also be featuring the program that helps him manage his business so effectively, ConstructionSuite.

Quick Facts about Hardwick General Contracting

Location: Maitland, Florida
Website: www.hardwickgc.com
Industry: Residential & Green Building
Projects per year: 12
Years in the business: 6

For additional questions regarding the 2010 UDA Innovation Awards, contact arauch@uda1.com

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