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Aarow Equipment & Services
Mechanicsville, Maryland with offices in Texas, Virginia, and Alabama

With offices across the United States in Maryland, Texas, Virginia, and Alabama, Aarow Equipment & Services has grown to be a reliable provider of renovation services to governmental medical facilities across the nation. Having completed projects everywhere from Fort Rucker, AL to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., Aarow Equipment & Services has just begun making a difference in the lives of thousands of military professionals by improving their medical facilities.

Based out of Mechanicsville, Maryland, Aarow Equipment & Services was founded in 2004 by co-owners Michael Dial and Bobby Blair. While initial plans were to rent out equipment, Dial and Blair soon realized the success they could strive for within the construction industry. Both with previous experiences at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., they decided to pursue renovation projects at governmental facilities across the country. What started as a small job for Aarow, remodeling bathrooms on a Naval Base in Jacksonville, Florida, has grown to become many more, very unique projects they complete each year. Aarow has worked with facilities at the Kenner Army Health Clinic in Fort Lee, VA, Fort Benning, GA, Kessler Air Force Base, and the Dewitt Army Health Clinic in Fort Belvoir, VA, among others.

Co-owners Blair & Dial learned early on, that by doing a good job and finishing on time, you can really make a good name for yourself. As Aarow has grown, their work has expanded to have repair and renovation projects conducted at multiple facilities concurrently, such as in the case when they were completing a renovation at the Dewitt Pharmacy at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, while also performing major renovations at both the Kenner Army Health Clinic in Fort Lee, Virginia and in Radiology at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. Regardless of the size and scope of the project, and even with multiple projects simultaneously, you can count on Aarow to fulfill their goal of 'Bringing your Project in On Time and Within Budget.'

Aarow is able to stay organized and on schedule with the help of the ConstructionSuite system they began using in 2009. "We really needed to find a way to properly keep up with the paperwork required to complete many of these jobs," said Justin Blair, the Operations Specialist at Aarow. "I knew we needed something and after looking at the product and reading reviews, I could tell ConstructionSuite was it. It does exactly what I want it to do and more," said Justin.

There were so many features that Justin wanted from his ideal construction management system. As users of the 2010 ConstructionSuite Green Enterprise version, Aarow has a comprehensive program that provides them with Green Building standards, specifically Energy Star Guidelines, LEED Standards, and NAHB Green Building Standards. ConstructionSuite Enterprise not only provides Aarow with Advanced Estimating featuring the most comprehensive estimate templates, resource allocation, and change order management, but also RS Means cost data for Green Building including BCCD, Commercial, Repair & Remodel, and Residential cost books, giving Aarow the capabilities of quickly finding costs for an estimate which can even be based on your project's location.

"The estimating portion of ConstructionSuite is pretty good, especially because it has a Microsoft Excel based format. The user doesn't have to be really good at computers to create a really good estimate," said Justin regarding ConstructionSuite. The proposal templates and contract templates available in ConstructionSuite are also extremely beneficial for Aarow, as they are now able to have consistency across the board for each project they do.

Aarow is also able automatically generate job costing reports and applications for payment while they are taking advantage of the full integration with QuickBooks. The bidirectional QuickBooks integration also allows them to complete their accounting tasks in the QuickBooks program and then import their actual costs back into ConstructionSuite system. Justin explained, "with actual costs broken down, we can finally get the feedback we want - not just seeing how much we profited on a project, but where and why we profited. UDA helps us keep track of that."

Additionally, as a member of the TotalCare Community, Aarow also receives priority phone support; personalized training sessions for up to 25 of their team members, and incredibly valuable updates and upgrades, like the RS Means Costbook updates that are generated quarterly. They can also receive automated logging of QuickBooks transactions, the ability to export and import their own costbooks into the items database system, and the enhanced SuiteLink capability, which gives them a direct connection to UDA's new web service, ConstructionOnline.

This entire system has assisted Aarow in becoming incredibly efficient when creating contracts, proposals, budgets, and even more so, when preparing bids. Justin explains, ConstructionSuite has allowed us to completely streamline the bidding side of our business. We used to spend hours at a time on bidding, and when you need to get a multiple bids done in one day, there just isn't time, unless you're using ConstructionSuite. In August and September, near the end of the fiscal year, it will be a mad house here getting bids ready - that is when UDA's ConstructionSuite will really shine for us."

Quick Facts about Aarow Equipment & Services, Inc.

Location: Mechanicsville, Maryland with regional offices in Texas, Virginia, and Alabama
Website: www.aarow-inc.com
Industry: Remodeling/Renovation, Commercial
Years in the business: 6

For additional questions regarding the 2010 UDA Innovation Awards, contact arauch@uda1.com

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