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UDA TotalCare Remote Support Sessions
Request a Remote Support Session
For TotalCare members with advanced support needs, there's no better way to resolve an issue than a remote support session. Conducted via screen-sharing technology, these remote sessions allow you to participate in a live, hands-on tutorial with a UDA Product Specialist.

UDA Remote DemonstrationUDA Technologies offers advanced, web-based remote services for TotalCare members. These sessions enable UDA support specialists to connect with TotalCare members' computers and work hands-on to diagnose and correct issues faster. With only an internet connection, users can participate in remote sessions on-demand.

Each session can accommodate up to 25 of your associates, enabling you and your staff, subcontractors, accountants, and other team members to collaborate with a Construction Office expert simultaneously.

Contact UDA Technologies Support Center

UDA TotalCare Remote Support Services
1-334-826-9035 US and Canada M-F, 10-6 et
1-334-821-0187 International

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What clients are saying
Listen"I've previously worked in the technology industry for years and while I was on the Microsoft Project Development Team I learned to appreciate what it takes to provide solutions so that clients can spend time working rather than recreating what (UDA) has already done... Thanks" 

Kathryn Cook
Redwood City, California 

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