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Case Studies
Spanning the entire spectrum of the industry from large firms networked across the nation to sole proprietors running successful businesses, UDA project management software is actively being used by tens of thousands of professionals in 60 countries worldwide. Read on to get a behind-the-scenes look at how real companies are using UDA construction software to propel their businesses forward.

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Listed below are a few we have received so far. 

Client Feedback

Rising to the Challenge with ConstructionSuite
Specialty Construction Pros Build Self-Esteem with Team Building Challenge Courses

Challenge Design Innovations is a national leader in the challenge course industry, where they design, build, service, and provide training for Military Tactical Training Facilities, Education Team & Confidence Building Courses, and Recreational Adventure Courses and Canopy Tours. read more

John Riley, Founder
Challenge Design Innovations, Pineola, North Carolina
Case Study of Challenge Design Innovations

From Small Time to Prime Time
ConstructionSuite User Featured on HGTV's Television Show "Curb Appeal"

HGTVProving that hard work and superior service pay off, Michael Sauri, Owner and President of TriVista USA is living proof of the Samuel Goldwyn quote, "the harder I work, the luckier I get." TriVista USA's reputation and expertise has earned them national attention from the likes of HGTV, Bob Vila, Remodeling TV, among others - See what works for him. read more

Michael Sauri, Owner
Tri Vista USA, Arlington, Virginia
Case Study of Tri Vista USA

Green Construction - It's About Making an Impact
ConstructionSuite user instrumental in Central Florida's Green Building movement

Greg Hardwick P.E., President and owner of Hardwick General Contracting in Maitland, FL, has been a longtime supporter of Green Building and the ConstructionSuite system. A feature educator at the Southeastern Building Show in Orlando, FL, Greg Hardwick will not only share his wealth of knowledge on Green Building, but he'll also be featuring the program that helps him manage his business so effectively, ConstructionSuite. read more

Greg Hardwick, Owner
Hardwick General Contracting, Maitland, Florida
Case Study of Hardwick General Contracting

Innovation: The Key to the Future
ConstructionOnline helps set the new Standard for Communications

In the few months since its release, Aspen Basement Company's Chris Beasley, is using UDA's ConstructionOnline to improve client communication in innovative ways. As a dedicated user of both ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline, Beasley is leading the communication movement within the construction industry. read more

Chris Beasley, Owner
Aspen Basement Company, Highland Ranch, Colorado
Case Study of Aspen Basement Company

Commercial Contractor Thrives with ConstructionSuite
25 Year industry veteran sees Success with ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline.

Florida area Contractor, Michael August, Owner of M.A. August Construction Company, uses ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline to complete outstanding hotel and restaurant projects on time, in budget, and with incredibly satisfied clients. read more

Michael August, Owner
M.A. August Construction Company, Altamonte Springs, Florida
Case Study of M.A. August Construction Company

Sinai Construction Saves the Day in Southern California
Specialty Construction Pros Rebuild Foundations after Devastating Earthquakes

Sinai Construction, a Los Angeles area specialty contracting company, is an industry expert at everything related to foundation repair. Where earthquakes and unstable soil plagues foundations every year, Sinai Construction has become the premier company in the area to repair foundations, providing families and business with the peace of mind that they are safe from threat. read more

Gary Sinai, President
Chris Bahr, Chief Estimator
Sinai Construction, Inc. Los Angeles, California
Case Study of Sinai Construction, Inc.

Accuracy and Consistency - Keys to Success
Florida General & Specialty Contractors Increases Margins with ConstructionSuite

Universal Design Solutions specialize in commercial design-build projects that vary from Specialty Grocery Stores to one-of-a-kind office building designs. "When a client gives us a concept, it's my job to design it, build it, and take it all the way through completion - It's my favorite part," said Vince. read more

Vince Pessalano, President
Universal Design Solutions, Jacksonville, Florida
Case Study of Challenge Design Innovations

ConstructionSuite Brings Dramatic Change
Annapolis Builder realizes the ConstructionSuite Difference - "It's Night and Day"

John Riley, Founder of Riley Custom Homes in Annapolis, Maryland, has been running his business for over 30 years with the values of Quality, Integrity, and Vision. Staying true to those values has been made easier with the use of ConstructionSuite. "It's like Night and Day," said John, regarding the difference ConstructionSuite has made in their daily activities. read more

John Riley, Founder
Riley Custom Homes, Annapolis, Maryland
Case Study of Riley Custom Homes

Our Philosophy is Simplicity
Virginia business uses ConstructionSuite to Keep it Simple

With three offices in the Virginia and Delaware region, Bryton Homes gives credit to the ConstructionSuite software for streamlining their work during their growth phase. In only their second year in business, Bryton Homes create beautiful production homes across the Tri-State Area and find it incredible how far they've come in such a short time. read more

Rick Clendaniel, Director of Operations
Bryton Homes, McLane , Virginia
Case Study of Bryton Homes

Saving the Subways with ConstructionSuite
Environmental Consultant uses ConstructionSuite to Save Subways

Environmental Design, Inc. is an environmental consulting company with over 15 years of experience providing services to private, commercial, and governmental clients across the country. Ranging from school districts to mass transit systems, EDIs clients rely on their environmental and asbestos-related expertise for the hundreds of projects they complete every year. read more

Environmental Design, Inc.
Pennsauken, New Jersey
Case Study of Environmental Design, Inc.

Commercial Renovator Improving Facilities for America's Heroes
Aarow Equipment & Services making a difference in the Lives of Thousands

With offices across the United States in Maryland, Texas, Virginia, and Alabama, Aarow Equipment & Services has grown to be a preferred provider of renovation services to governmental medical facilities across the nation, using ConstructionSuite to stay organized and on schedule. read more

Aarow Equipment & Services
Mechanicsville, Maryland with regional offices in Texas, Virginia, and Alabama
Case Study of Aarow Equipment & Services

ConstructionOnline & OnSite Mobile Apps - Revolutionizing the Industry
Virginia Area Builder uses Technology to Advance his Custom-Home Business

David Warner, Owner & President of Warner Custom Homes is bringing technology to the forefront to improve and energize his Custom Home Building business. Based in Spotsylvania, Virginia, David keeps his clients and team members connected with the use of ConstructionOnline and OnSite Mobile Apps for iPhone, made easier with his combined use of ConstructionSuite. read more

David Warner, Owner
Warner Custom Homes, Spotsylvania, Virginia
Case Study of Warner Custom Homes

Paving the Way for Green Building
Design-Build Firm Leads by Example

Jamal Harrell, Owner of JAMSHAR Construction in the NY Tri-State Area, uses his 20+ years of experience in the construction industry to complete beautiful projects, win prestigious awards, and improve the lives of others with his volunteer work. read more

Jamal Harrell
JAMSHAR Construction, Willingboro, New Jersey
Case Study of JAMSHAR Construction

Taking Out the Guesswork
SC Builder Knows Costs Before & After the Job

Rick Aldrich of Seabrook Island, SC, was a manager of a large homebuilder for five years before he went into the custom home building business for himself in 1998. Since then Aldrich Incorporated has been constructing high-end custom homes ranging in price from $800,000 to $1.2 million. read more

Rick Aldrich, President
Aldrich Incorporated, Seabrook Island, SC
Case Study of Aldrich Incorporated

Eliminating the Complicated
A Lifetime of Experience Leads to UDA ConstructionSuite

Al GuarinoAlthough Al had been in the construction business for half a lifetime, he felt that his project management system was detached. "Before we purchased ConstructionSuite we were using a combination of Microsoft Outlook, Project, and QuickBooks. Everything was disconnected."

"UDA had it all, it was user friendly and a complete package, especially in terms of documentation, and that's where ConstructionSuite really has helped us out. It has taken all of the applications I was previously using and integrated them. It has simplified areas of my business that used to be complicated." read more

Al Guarino, Total Solutions Provider, Fountain, Colorado
Case Study of Total Solutions Provider

Stepping up to the Major Leagues
Florida Builder Hits Home Run with ConstructionOffice

Florida EstateDavid Lesser, builder of custom homes for stars like Gary Sheffield and Jorge Posada of the New York Yankees, is a devoted fan of ConstructionOffice. "ConstructionOffice has taken our business to the next level, from AA baseball to the major leagues. We now have a world-class software package that's integrated our entire company. read more

David Lesser, Co-Owner
Windstar Homes, Inc., Tampa, Florida
Case Study of Windstar Homes, Inc.

Picture of Success
Professional Remodeler Magazine Features ConstructionOffice User

An Investment in Success
A New England Contractor's Story

Kevin Vonderhorst"ConstructionOffice is probably the best single investment we've made in the last year, and that's the truth. It's been worth every penny and more, bringing new growth, more confidence, and better project management to our company."

"ConstructionOffice saves our company time everyday. It eliminates all the questions. We can avoid the flurry of phone calls, messages, and wasted trips to the jobsite. Instead, anyone in our office can open up ConstructionOffice and get the information they need." read more

Kevin Vonderhorst, President
S.L. Vonderhorst & Sons, Inc. Keene, New Hampshire
Case Study of S.L. Vonderhorst & Sons, Inc.

From Builder to Businessman
UDA ConstructionOffice Transforms Third-Generation North Carolina Contractor

Tom Lasley"ConstructionOffice gives me the ability to use the estimate to generate a schedule, and then go from the schedule to print out a weekly task list that has the notes to indicate things like materials, resources, and so forth that are necessary for the job and email it to my project supervisor on Sunday night to let him take a look at it, then I'm able to take it to work on Monday morning. It's just inconceivable how fast and easy it makes the whole project management process."

"Using ConstructionOffice has allowed me to increase the volume of work I can take on by at least 100% - that's twice as much work as I could previously handle. But that's not even the best part. The best part of it is that I've not only increased my volume, productivity, and efficiency, but I've also increased my profitability." read more

Tom Lasley, Lasley Construction Company, Inc., Asheville, North Carolina
Case Study of Lasley Construction Company, Inc.

From Texas to Florida to New York to Tennessee
VPN Connectivity with ConstructionOffice Gives Regional Company Control

"Our people are located in diverse geographic regions, so I knew that we needed a lot out of a project management system," said Richard Morgan, co-owner and Chief Financial Officer. "We needed a system that offered networking and remote connectivity options on top of its project management capabilities. We needed a system that could not only connect our estimates and schedules, but also be compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, because that's what we were using. We also send quite a few documents by e-fax and email, our system needed to work with that as well."

"Every single house that we have under construction has a UDA Budget in it, and that UDA Budget is attached to a UDA schedule. Those have to be built before we start construction and approved by the project manager and the general manager of the company. Out of that, we produce a customized weekly production report, which is our estimate of cash forecasting on that house over a 16-18 week construction cycle." read more

Richard Morgan, CFO
North American Development,
Knoxville, Houston, Ft. Lauderdale, New York
Case Study of North American Development

Time is Money
Illinois Company Sees Tangible Benefits with ConstructionOffice

AHS HomeTime is money in the construction industry, and there's no better way to increase profits than to work more efficiently. Michael Mazer, president of Alternative Home Solutions and a 36 year veteran of the construction industry, found that by utilizing an integrated project management system, the people in his company could finish projects faster and use their time more productively.

"My superintendents get copies of all the estimates, contracts, specifications, and finish schedules. Everything that we give to the owner, they have, so if there are any questions so far as interpretation, we avoid any discrepancies with the owners. It's all right there in writing so the superintendents know exactly what we agreed to. And as far as the schedule is concerned, they can update the schedule right there on their laptops and then download it when they get back to the office."read more

Michael Mazer, Alternative Home Solutions, Mount Prospect, IL
Case Study of Alternative Home Solutions

Bo knows Building
Outer Banks Builder Embraces Project Management

Bo Taylor has been building homes in the Outer Banks of North Carolina since 1984. Along with his associates at Bo Taylor Fine Homes, he has become widely recognized as a leader in his regional construction community. With about 30-50 projects each year, including residential builds in the 2500 to 4500 square foot range, and an array of enclosures, complete home remodels, and large-scale additions, Bo recognized that his business needed to automate their project management. read more

Bo Taylor,
Bo Taylor Fine Homes,
Nags Head, North Carolina
Case Study of Bo Taylor Fine Homes

Canadian Remodeler Saves Tens of Thousands with ConstructionOffice

"I love your software. It's great. I tell a lot of guys in the industry to try it. It eliminates any confusion for the customer and saves me thousands of dollars. It's amazing how much just clarifying the scope of the project and laying everything out can do. Last year alone, we did a million dollars in business, and ConstructionOffice saved me almost $30,000." read more

Shawn Hanna,
Design 2 Build,
Oakville, Ontario - Canada
Case Study of Design 2 Build

New York Builder 'Working Smarter' and 'Standing Out' with ConstructionOffice

"I like how the applications - such as estimating and scheduling - work together. That, combined with the project organization, has allowed us to complete our jobs quicker. ...ConstructionOffice has helped us tremendously in completing our jobs and projects a lot faster. Ever since I started using it, I've been able to complete my projects early, go home early, and spend more time with my wife and two kids." read more

Nico Sarelli,
Sutton Hill Homes,
White Plains, New York
Case Study of Sutton Hill Homes

Evolving Beyond Excel
Minnesota Builder Experiences Big Difference with ConstructionOffice

"I had devised some estimating sheets myself using excel - simple formulas that allowed me to enter size, square footage, or quantity. They would calculate out percentages and then give me my totals, but I couldn't build the level of detail into it like ConstructionOffice has." "I really liked that it was adjustable to meet my needs. The estimating software has serious depth of detail if I want it there, but I also have the option of working with lump sums. I'm able to take it to whatever level of detail I need." read more

Tom Osfar
Nottinghome Builders, Dayton, Minnesota
Case Study of Nottinghome Builders

Time to Do More:
North Carolina Builder Saves Time and Doubles Business

Because of the time savings that Dennis has experienced with ConstructionOffice, he has been able to take on significantly more projects as well. "Recently I had 8 houses under construction at once, and quite frankly, I could not have done that without ConstructionOffice. The most I could have handled, doing everything the way I used to is about half of what I can do now. ConstructionOffice enables me to handle twice the amount of work now - I've absolutely doubled my volume."read more

Dennis Tharrington
First Home Builders, Inc., Henderson, North Carolina
Case Study of First Home Builders, Inc.

Twenty-Year Industry Veteran Hits Professional Stride with ConstructionOffice

"The scheduling also keeps me in check - especially the reminders. If there's a specialty item such as a garage door that takes 6-8 weeks to order, I set a reminder to tell me that it has to be ordered by this date. And it really keeps the projects moving so smoothly. I've done two large-scale projects with it this year, going into the third one now, and I can say that we've come extremely close to our expected finishing date because of this program."read more

Sam Gaeta, Jr.
Creative Carpentry & Design, Inc., White Plains, New York
Case Study of Creative Carpentry & Design

California Contractor Brings Up Bottom Line

"I'm a General Contractor in California, and I've been using ConstructionOffice since 2002. The Estimating tools are great. At the end of the project I can see how much money I made, or the other way around. My estimates are a lot more accurate than they used to be, and I'm faster, too. The ConstructionOffice integration marries the estimate and the schedule together, so you can share information. It really saves me a lot of time. I can't do without ConstructionOffice." read more

Roger Cromwell, President
Cromwell Enterprises, Granite Bay, California
Case Study of Cromwell Enterprises

Windward Cove"Nice job on (ConstructionOffice) Developer!... I have worked with numerous Architectural and Design/Build Firms and have had the opportunity to attend construction software conventions and seminars... comparatively your estimating components have better quality and price than any I've seen... We are currently developing a new Community in Florida and have just used the UDA Architectural Standards (included in the Developer version), Works Great. Thank You" 

Gary Pfister, Windward Cove Development
Perdido Bay, Florida

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