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Designed for small to medium construction firms, UDA ConstructionSuite™ 2011 combines estimating and project management with a construction specific CRM system to deliver the most comprehensive management system for construction professionals available.

Discover the New ConstructionSuite™ 2011
Already used by tens of thousands of construction professionals in 60 countries worldwide, UDA construction software delivers the new industry standard in project management for small to medium construction firms. With fully integrated and completely upgraded Estimating, Scheduling, Contracts, Specifications, and Document Management, UDA ConstructionSuite™ 2011 also includes over three hundred new features designed to give users total control over their projects.

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Construction Office
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Now you can do more for your business with Construction Office, the essential project management system for residential builders from UDA Technologies. Construction Office includes the tools residential builders need for managing their construction firm including accurate construction Estimating software, automated Contracts and Specifications, powerful Document Management, and Mobile Integration.Advanced integration and synchronization between applications puts the data you need at your fingertips, so it's easy to build sales, build efficiently, and build your business. And since Construction Office is designed for the way you work, it's easy to learn and easy to use. Preview New ConstructionSuite 2009

UDA Construction Office Software

The Reality of Construction
We've all experienced it. Difficult situations or disputes. Construction claims can drag down any project. By providing the tools to eliminate bleeding budgets, stay on schedule and produce solid contracts and understandable documentation, UDA Construction Office Builder is powerful software you can use right now to complete critical projects, build sales, build efficiently and build your business. 

What's Included
Construction Office Builder includes the following components designed especially for builders: 

UDA Estimating UDA Estimating
Accurate construction estimating software with Scheduling & QuickBooks integration
UDA Contracts UDA Contracts
Comprehensive library of automated construction contracts, forms and documents
UDA Specifications UDA Specifications
Quick, clear, accurate construction specifications
UDA Financing UDA Financing
Create winning loan applications and documentation
UDA Quicken Accounts UDA Quicken Accounts
Construction-based categories and classes for Quicken
UDA Automation UDA Document Management
Create automated contracts, proposals, reports, and custom documents
UDA ProjectBackup UDA ProjectBackup
Quickly back up critical project files with scheduled file maintenance
UDA Mobile Integration UDA Mobile Integration
View Construction Office project data on a Pocket PC
UDA Reference Guide 344-Page Construction Office User Guide
User Guide and WebHelp with step-by-step instructions, FAQs, and more

Purchase Information
ConstructionSuite 2011
This product is no longer available for purchase. Please click on the following link to discover the next generation of ConstructionOffice with new ConstructionNet Technology:

Introducing the New UDA ConstructionSuite 2011

SaveSave on New ConstructionSuite Pro 2011!
Save by purchasing a Pro version of New ConstructionSuite 2011 which combines all components from the Builder, Remodeler, Design-Build, Architect, CM and Lt Commercial versions of Construction Office.

Do you use QuickBooks?
QuickBooksConstruction Office Builder is also available in a QT version which includes UDA QuickBooks Integration, designed to build profits for your construction business.

Construction Office for Builders
If you need to: Construction Office Builder lets you:
Estimate for projects quickly and include competitive and accurate margins Create accurate estimates 4 times faster, including proven, industry-recommended methods for calculating margin
Get professional proposals in the hands of your potential customer when it's time to make the sale Automatically create well-designed proposals directly from project estimates that include project allowances
Quickly produce clear, understandable contracts that minimize your liability Choose from comprehensive library of automated construction contracts and forms legal in all 50 states
Create detailed specifications books for a variety of projects Easily compile and edit CSI-based specifications, quickly selecting the divisions and details you need for your current project
If you need to: More Construction Office versions for Builders
Integrate estimates with QuickBooks Pro, Premiere, or Contractor's Edition You need Construction Office Builder QT or Construction Office Professional QT or Construction Office Professional XT.
Increase productivity with CPM (critical path management) schedules and send work orders to subcontractors You need Construction Office Professional. Or, you can add UDA Scheduling to Construction Office Builder for only $100.
Schedule simultaneous or overlapping projects in one schedule for increased efficiency You need Construction Office Professional XT. Or, you can add UDA Scheduling XT to Construction Office Builder for only $150.
Share project data on a network You need Construction Office Professional NT.

Endorsed by the Industry 
UDA Contracts and Forms include optional Arbitration Clauses approved by the National Construction Dispute Resolution Committee and endorsed by all 22 major construction trade organizations, including:
National Association of Home Builders
Associated General Contractors
American Bar Association
Construction Specifications Institute
American Institute of Architects
Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.

Learn which Construction Office Suite best meets your needs. 

Specific Benefits for Builders
Professional Contracts and Forms
Manage your projects efficiently and accurately with fully customizable contracts, forms and specifications authored by seasoned construction professionals. Don't feel like you have to reinvent the wheel every time you need a construction contract, finish schedule or set of specifications. 
  • Easily modifiable, add your company letterhead, change font sizes, etc.
  • Add and remove text as necessary
  • Clear and concise agreements without the wordy fillers that make other contracts difficult to understand and use
  • Minimize Disputes
    Avoid liability and litigation from miscommunication and disagreements with clients, sub-contractors and suppliers. UDA contracts and forms are written to protect you, the builder, from the multitude of scenarios and conflicts that may arise both during and after construction.

    Understandable Construction Estimating Software
    Quickly produce simple and accurate estimates for residential projects without having to spend weeks learning new programs. If you are familiar with any of the popular spreadsheet applications, you'll have no trouble using UDA Construction Office to estimate expenses for your projects.

  • Both summary and detailed construction estimating tools
  • Over 15 sample construction projects preprogrammed with national average construction costs
  • Comparisons of estimated and actual costs
  • Flexible categories and layouts
  • Document Change Orders and Finish Schedules 
    Save time and money by documenting finish selections and the additional cost and time required for change orders. 

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    Call 1-800-700-8321 M-F, 9-7est

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  • Individual Contracts
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  • Microsoft Developer

    Proven Technology
    UDA Construction Office is designed as a companion product for Microsoft Office to provide complete project management systems for builders. Construction Office extends the power of Microsoft Office so you can better use the business information you already have. You won't have to change the way you do business to implement a new system. Your team will be using Construction Office to benefit your business right away.

    Powerful Solutions
    ComputerDo more for your business with Construction Office, the essential project management system from UDA Technologies. Building off the power of Microsoft Office and QuickBooks, Construction Office provides integrated, real-world solutions designed for the way you work. Join the thousands of satisfied construction professionals and homeowners worldwide that benefit from the Construction Office system.

    What clients are saying
    Listen" very pleased with the software and contracts (Construction Office Builder)... surprised with the amount of detail... was able to update all of our contracts and forms in a few hours and save thousands in professional fees" 

    Chris Dimler
    Woodside, New York 

    "I've been at this 20 years and came across this program (Construction Office Builder) on the internet... It has been a godsend, especially the contracts, they're in language clients can relate to...
    Thank You" 

    Bruce Jensen
    Rogers, Arkansas 
    Other Success Stories

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