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Designed for small to medium construction firms, UDA ConstructionSuite™ 2011 combines estimating and project management with a construction specific CRM system to deliver the most comprehensive management system for construction professionals available.

Discover the New ConstructionSuite™ 2011
Already used by tens of thousands of construction professionals in 60 countries worldwide, UDA construction software delivers the new industry standard in project management for small to medium construction firms. With fully integrated and completely upgraded Estimating, Scheduling, Contracts, Specifications, and Document Management, UDA ConstructionSuite™ 2011 also includes over three hundred new features designed to give users total control over their projects.

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Reduce downtime, create reports, and integrate with UDA Estimating. Estimate quickly, launch reports, and integrate with UDA Scheduling and QuickBooks. Save time and eliminate mistakes with advanced integration between UDA Estimating and QuickBooks. Leverage Contracts and Specifications with advanced Document Management features.
Complete Document Control
UDA Document Management provides the tools you need to customize, share, and publish your project documents. By integrating directly with Microsoft Outlook, UDA Document Management eliminates the frustration of entering names, addresses, and company information into your contracts and forms. Need a reminder when it's time to check with a subcontractor or client? How about Password Security or the option to email a document to a supplier? UDA Document Management has you covered with these and dozens of other advanced features designed for construction professionals.

UDA Document Management integrates seamlessly with Contracts, Specifications, and the entire library of reports from UDA Estimating and UDA Scheduling.

UDA Document Automation

Document Management Features at a Glance

  1. Integrate Directly with Microsoft Outlook
  2. Automatically Insert Project & Company Information
  3. Save Time & Eliminate Mistakes
  4. Easy-to-Learn Automation Tools
  5. Options & Preferences
  6. Password Protection & Security
  7. Never miss a Deadline - Set Tasks & Reminders
  8. Select from Multiple Paper Sizes
  9. Manage Contact Information
  10. Customizable Watermarks
  11. Create your Own Custom Automated Documents
  12. Automated Memos, Fax Cover Sheets and More!
System Components
The UDA Construction Office System The Construction Office System includes the following Components. Overview
Major Components
  • Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Contracts
  • Specifications
  • Document Management
  • Additional Tools
  • ProjectBackup
  • ProjectSync
  • Marketing Tools
  • Financing
  • Mobile Integration
  • Additional Licenses

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    Powerful Document Management UDA Document Management

    Select Outlook Contact Folder1. Integrate Directly with Microsoft Outlook
    Leverage the power of Microsoft Outlook by automatically inserting contact information from Outlook into UDA Documents. Save time, improve accuracy and eliminate mistakes by accessing multiple contact folders, (i.e. Contacts, Suppliers, SubContractors and Clients) and quickly selecting specific contact information, names, addresses and phone numbers to import directly into UDA Documents and Forms.

    Automatically Insert Project Information2. Automatically Insert Project & Company Information
    UDA Document Management also provides the tools to automatically insert Project, Company and Financial information into UDA Documents including UDA Contracts, UDA Specifications, UDA Financing and UDA Estimating Purchase Orders and Materials Lists.

    Automatically Insert Company Information3. Save Time & Eliminate Mistakes
    Repetitive and duplicate entry of data is a leading cause of embarrassing or critical mistakes in documents. By integrating directly with Microsoft Outlook, UDA Document Management provides a seamless solution to access and insert contact information including clients, subcontractors, suppliers and others without the added time and risks of typos.

    Getting Started Tour4. Easy-to-Learn Management Tools
    If you're working on 1 or 100 projects, you need tools that you or your staff can quickly and easily master to become effective. Tools that can add efficiency and quality to your business. UDA Document Management has been designed to quickly automate dozens of advanced features needed for professional document customizing, sharing and publishing and to eliminate the frustration of entering names, addresses and company information into your contracts, forms, purchase orders, etc...

    Options for Document Management5. Options & Preferences
    UDA Automated Documents provide over 20 advanced features including the options to automatically insert Custom Letterhead Graphics and Company/ Project Information on open, plus the setting of Tasks and Reminders on the save or close of a document.

    Password Protection6. Password Protection & Security
    Protect your critical documents from prying eyes. We all know that many Documents are not meant to be distributed throughout the office or accidently/maliciously made available to others. UDA Document Management provides the security of Password Protection on an individual file name level to help control the ability to open protected documents and keep you in control of your business information.

    Set Tasks and Reminders7. Never miss a Deadline - Set Tasks & Reminders
    Successful Construction Professionals are expected to juggle dozens of tasks for multiple projects, simultaneously without breaking a sweat. UDA Document Management provides specific document and project management tools for construction to automate the setting of both Tasks and Schedule Reminders in Microsoft Outlook to gently refresh your memory when the time is right. These Task and Reminder features can be set automatically on the save or close of a document.

    Select Paper Size8. Select from Multiple Paper Sizes
    Based upon feedback from thousands of clients, UDA Document Management also includes the ability to select alternate paper sizes, automatically reformat the entire document and quickly check layout options. Who said that too many choices are a bad thing?

    Create New Contacts9. Manage Contact Information
    Better Project Management requires better use of information. By seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Outlook and Office, UDA Document Management provides a powerful set of tools to extend the features of Microsoft Office for Construction Professionals.

    Insert Custom Watermarks10. Customizable Watermarks
    Most projects require multiple levels of revisions, including initial proposals, revised contracts, specifications, allowances and finish selections. Typically a custom project will have 2 sets of revisions before a final set of documents is completed. To help sort out this potential confusion, UDA Document Management now includes what attorneys have been using for years, Custom Watermarks. In it's most common form, a "DRAFT" Watermark signifies that a document is not finalized. UDA has included a comprehensive set of watermarks including Draft, Copy, Do Not Copy, Pending Review, etc.. plus the ability to create custom watermarks that can be inserted to reference back to a specific revision, person or related event. And because these tools are included in UDA Document Management you can quickly access these powerful features.

    Create Custom Automated Documents11. Create your Own Custom Automated Documents
    UDA Construction Docs is an included set of advanced features that provides the tools to create your own custom documents with full automation capabilities. Need to create new custom documents with time-saving automation features that help improve your company's procedures? UDA Document Management includes UDA Construction Docs, a specific set of tools designed to let you build your own custom documents, checklists, follow-up letters, etc. that incorporate the full set of UDA Document Management tools.

    Customized Office Templates12. Automated Memos, Fax Cover Sheets and More!
    Every Office needs better tools to customize, share and publish important documents. In addition to a comprehensive library of UDA Construction Contracts and Forms*, UDA Document Management also includes fully automated Memos, Fax Cover Sheets and Envelopes designed to quickly produce professional documentation, save time and save money. *(Included in UDA ConstructionOffice project management and construction estimating software, UDA Contracts, etc...)

    Next - UDA Specifications adds teeth to your agreements.

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