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UDA CAD ServicesCAD Files for UDA Ideal Home Plans™

One more Reason to select UDA 
Now in addition to detailed Blueprints and Reproducible Vellums, UDA offers CAD Files for each of our Ideal Home Plans, Accessible Plans and Duplex Plans on CD-Rom so that you or your local design professional can easily modify floor plans and elevations using industry standard CAD applications. 

A Short History Lesson 
For those of you who have not been keeping up with computer jargon, CAD stands for Computer Assisted Design. CAD applications or programs come in a variety of flavors such as AutoCAD and Microstation and are used throughout most better design and engineering firms. The advantages of CAD are accuracy, consistency and the flexibilty to make changes or revisions without having to "redraw" the project. 

Why should you consider CAD Plans? 
If you are using ideas or design elements from UDA Ideal Home Plans and considering using a local design professional for modifications or are required to have an Architect's or Engineer Seal for construction, UDA CAD Plans provide an excellent starting point to reduce overall time and costs for the design process, while also helping you avoid copyright violations or infringments (statutory penalties of up to $250,000 per incident for all parties involved). 

What's Included with a UDA CAD Plan Order 
UDA CAD Files are available in common CAD file formats (dxf, dgn or dwg) and include a full set of Erasable/Reproducible vellums (typically 9-12 pages) in addition to the CAD files on CD-Rom for your specific plan. Both Windows and Macintosh file formats are included on each CD-Rom. 

UDA CAD Files are available as a $200.00 option in addition to the cost of any 5 Set or Reproducible Set of plans. Complete listing of Costs for UDA CAD Plan Packages. Other Questions? Need additional information? Feel free to contact a UDA Design Associate at info@uda1.com or call toll-free. 

UDA CAD Plans Ordering Information

CAD Files of UDA Ideal Home Plans - $200.00 upgrade

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