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UDA Custom Architectural Services 
United Design Associates offers Architectural Services and UDA Ideal Home Plans to clients worldwide. Our professional design and construction teams have been recognized through nominations for Southern Living Magazine's National Home of the Year and have been selected from a field of over 6,000 candidates as one of the Top 10 Firms in the Southeast US by Builder/Architect Magazine. UDA products and services are distributed across North America and 33 countries worldwide. The UDA family of websites currently receives over 3.7 million hits per month from clients in over 90 countries.

Just Getting Started?
A great place to get started is to download a Free copy of the UDA Home Planning Guide which can assist you in the selection and design of your new home and includes 22 pages of innovative ideas and useful worksheets. It is equally useful for selecting from a library of existing plans as well as guiding you in the design of a custom home. You will be asked to define priorities, establish needs and explore adjacencies, all of which combine to form a foundation of guidelines to plan your next home. 

For a cost-effective approach to designing and preparing construction documents for a Quality Custom Home consider UDA Plan Partnerships. These Partnerships offer Architectural Services at discounted rates for homes we feel would appeal to other buyers. 

UDA Architectural Packages

All UDA Architectural Packages offer outstanding detailed Construction Documents custom designed to meet your needs. The basic differences lie within the amount of Preliminary Design Schematics and Plan Revisions, 3-D Modeling, Computer Animations, and Project Administration Information such as specific allowances, finish schedules and guides. 

The entire process typically lasts from 3 to 6 weeks, but can be scheduled to meet your needs. 

Listed below is a description of UDA Architectural Packages 

1. UDA Custom Packages 

Comprehensive Construction Documents suitable for detailed, quality residential construction. We will provide standard Construction Specifications and a Material List based on your new home design. This includes all lumber, exterior finishes, roof materials and interior standard finishes. 
Typical Fees for UDA Custom Packages. 
Plan Pages and Documents include:

A-1 Foundation, 1/4" scale, customized to your lot 
A-2 First Floor Dimension Plan, 1/4" scale, with door and window schedules 
A-3 Second Floor Dimension Plan, 1/4" scale, (if applicable) 
A-4 Exterior Elevations, 1/4" scale, front, 1/8" rear and side elevations 
A-5 Foundation and First Floor Framing Plan , Roof Plan and Roof Framing Plan
A-6 Interior Elevations, showing kitchen, bath and fireplace elevations 
A-7 Sections and details
A-8 Building Sections, overall section and stair section 
E-1 Electrical Plans, showing locations of receptacles, fixtures and switches 
Construction Specifications - Project Specific Types and Methods of Construction 
Custom Materials List - Detailed description of Material Quantities 

2. UDA Professional Packages 

Include everything in the UDA Custom Package and adds additional time for extensive Preliminary Design Schematics and Plan Revisions. We will also provide additional Project Administration information to assist you in aquiring more accurate bids with your contractor. These services include setting up allowances, creating detailed finish schedules and custom finishes guides, all prepared specifically to meet your needs. 
Typical Fees for UDA Professional Packages. 
Additional Plan Pages and Construction Documents include:

A-9 Additional Building Sections and Interior Details 
A-10 Additional Interior Details, Custom Floor Finish Patterns 
A-11 Additional Cabinetry and Interior Moulding Details, Interior Wall Fenestrations 
Project Administration - Allowances 
Project Administration - Finish Schedules 
Project Administration - Finish Guides 

3. UDA Premier Packages 

Include everything offered in the UDA Professional Package and adds 3-D Modeling and Animations available in QuickTime Movie Formats. These technologies will allow you to design for specific sun angles, interior and exterior design considerations and site orientation options for your location. 
Typical Fees for UDA Premier Packages. 
Additional Plan Pages and Construction Documents include:

3-D Modeling - Computer generated Models of major Interior and Exterior Views showing colors and finish options 
Computer Animations - Computer generated Animations of major Interior and Exterior Views 

UDA offers a comprehensive range of Architectural and Engineering Services 
  • Custom Architectural Design Services
  • Wind Load and Hurricane Engineering
  • Community Master Planning and Development
  • CAD Construction Documents 
  • 3-D Modeling and Animations
  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Construction Administration 
  • Custom Plan Modifications 
  • UDA Plan Partnerships

    Typical Fees for UDA Architectural Services
    Size Custom Packages Professional Packages Premier Packages
    1200 - 1800 sf $1990 - $2990 $3990 - $5990 $7990 - $10990
    1800 - 2800 sf $2990 - $4990 $5990 - $7990 $10990 - $13990
    2800 - 3800 sf $4990 - $6990 $7990 - $10990 $13990 - $16990
    3800 - 4600 sf $6990 - $9990 $10990 - $13990 $16990 - $19990

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