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Windows Help for Acrobat Reader

Downloading Acrobat Reader 

1.Click on the Acrobat Reader for Windows 3.1x, 95, 98, 2000 or Acrobat Reader for Windows NT 

2.A dialog box will appear asking How would you like to handle this file? Choose the Save to Disk button, then choose the directory of your choice and click on the OK button. The file acroread.exe will be downloaded to your directory on your hard drive. 

PDF Help

3.A dialog box will appear at the top of your screen with the download information. This box will disappear when the download is complete. 

4.For Windows 3.1 users, open the File Manager and double click on acroread.exe or select Run from the menu bar and type the path to the acrobat file. Windows 95 users should locate the file using Windows Explorer and double-click it. This will start the Acrobat Reader installation process. 

5.The install program will create a directory on your hard drive named Acroread, unless you specify something different during installation. 

6.Follow the directions on the screen. 

Downloading and Viewing .pdf Files

To view .pdf files using Acrobat Reader you may configure your web browser to automatically launch the Acrobat Reader and open the file or you may save the file to your hard drive. 

To configure your browser: 

1.Select Options from the web browser menu. 

2.Select Preferences from the Options Menu. 

Select PDF Preferences

3.Select Helper Applications from the pulldown at the top of the Preferences dialog box. 

4.Select new type and type application in mime type box and pdf in mime subtype box. Click OK. 

PDF Mime Type

5.In the extensions field, type application/pdf. 

6.Select application/pdf from the File type list. 

7.Select Launch Application as the Action. 

8.Select Browse. 

9.Select the drive and file location where you just saved the PDF viewer executable. The default area is c:\acroread\. 

10.Click on acroread.exe. 

11.Select OK. 

12.Select OK to close the Preferences window. 

13.Your browser will automatically open .pdf files when you click on them. 

To save .pdf files to your hard drive: 

1.Click on the file name with your secondary mouse button and select Save this link as...

PDF Link

2.A dialog box will appear for you to select the appropriate directory. Save the file to a directory of your choice and click on OK. 

3.Open Acrobat Reader from your Program Manager. 

4.Click on the File Options Menu and select Open. 

5.A dialog box will appear for you to select the appropriate file name. 

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