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Macintosh Help for Acrobat Reader

Downloading Acrobat Reader 

1.Click on the Acrobat Reader for Macintosh. 

2.You will be prompted by the Save option, at which time you should choose the directory where the viewer software will be stored. 

3.Then uncompress the file, using a utility such as StuffIt Expander. Once uncompressed, you will have an installer program named acroread.mac on your system. 

4.Double-click on the acroread.mac installer program icon and follow the installation instructions that appear on the screen. 

Downloading and Viewing .pdf Files

To view .pdf files using Acrobat Reader you may configure your web browser to automatically launch the Acrobat Reader and open the file or you may save the file to your hard drive.

To configure your browser: 

1.Select Preferences... from the Options menu. 

2.Choose Helper Applications from the pulldown at the top of the Preferences dialog. 

3.Click on the New... button. 

4.Enter application in the Mime type field and enter pdf in the Mime subtype field. Click on the OK button.

PDF Mime Types

5.Click on the Browse... button, and use the file browser to navigate until you find and select Acrobat Reader and click on the Open button. 

6.Type pdf in the Extentions field. Use the File type pop up to select pdf and click on the Launch Application radio button.

PDF Preferences

7.Click on the OK button in the Preferences dialog. Select Save Options under the Options menu. 

8.Your browser will automatically open .pdf files when you click on them. 

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