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UDA Modified Ideal Home Plans
UDA Plan ModificationsUDA Modified Ideal Home Plans are homes that have been revised for individual clients. This select group of plans is now available for review online or by calling a UDA Customer Associate toll-free 1-800-700-8321. 

Modified plan pages will vary depending upon the original clients request. Therefore, all the pages in each set might not have been revised to reflect the new design. For example, if a client modified a home to include a 3 car garage, they might not have chosen to have the electrical plan page modified to reflect this slight change. 
Please contact a UDA Design Associate at info@uda1.com or call toll-free 1-800-700-8321 for specific information on each modified plan. 

UDA Customer Assistance 1-800-700-8321
Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST
Visa : MasterCard : American Express : Discover 
Complete Ordering Information 

Modified Ideal Home Plans Finished SF Bonus Decks Garage Basement
Meadowbrook Collection
51301 Madison Lane 3049 sf 362 sf 909 sf 461 sf 1301 sf
51302 Madison Hills 2968 sf 362 sf 513 sf 512 sf .
51303 Madison Grove
51304 Madison Ridge
51081 Magnolia Hills
Waterford Collection
Courtland Hills
51273 Courtland Bay
51274 Courtland Hills Ave
Piedmont Hills
Heritage Collection
51251 Camelot Cove 3573 sf . 310 sf 625 sf 2103 sf
Harvest Collection
61281 Cedar Hill Basement Option 2508 sf . 288 sf 563 sf 1669 sf
Lakeside Collection
51211 Charleston Bay 2142 sf 316 sf 298 sf 672 sf .
Summerland Collection
61611 Sheridan Hills 3731 sf . 612 sf 759 sf 2505 sf
Parkside Collection
51001 Balmoral Hills 2753 sf . 519 sf 420 sf 1270 sf
General Notes concerning Modified Ideal Home Plans
  • Typically, plan changes and modifications are not reflected in the Architectural Rendering, Sections or Electrical Layout unless otherwise noted. Call for specific information about each Modified Plan.
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