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Marketing Tips for Homeowners and Builders 

Marketing your HomesFirst-Time Buyers 
According to Builder Magazine, first-time buyers today make up a larger portion of the market than in the 80's and 90's. For example, in 1980 first-time buyers accounted for 40% of the market, but by 1995 that had grown to 47% of the market. Clearly the emphasis for today's affordable markets are differentiating your products and services from the mainstream by providing superior design and innovative solutions to your clients needs. By providing this overall value in coordination with personal service you can build a strong client base through customer loyalty and references. 

Realtor Liaison's 
For many Builders keeping real estate agents and other sales contacts abreast of your current inventory and community options has developed into a serious and ongoing concern. Therefore, the position of Realtor Liason is being created to network homebuilders products and services with sales agents and provide up to date information and contacts for potential buyers. 

Marketing Tools for Construction Professionals 
UDA Marketing ToolsUDA Construction Office™ Marketing Tools includes a variety of components specifically designed for building sales and building your business. With over 50 Professionally designed Marketing Templates on CD-Rom, including Project Brochures, Newsletters, Handouts, Postcards, Press Releases, Client Interest and Thank You Letters, UDA Marketing Tools provides the tools you need to succeed in todays competitive environment. Learn more.

Tips to Remember when Marketing Homes 
Courtesy of National Realtor's Association. 

Many of these guidelines were originally prepared for individuals selling their homes, but are applicable and important for builders also. 

Presentation is Important - Remember you are competing not only with other new homes and builders, both large and small, but also older neighborhoods that offer the charm of established homes. 

First impressions count, so make sure your home's exterior is in top condition and that the front entrance is inviting. Make sure the lawn is trimmed, the landscaping is neat, and the walks and steps are free of any dirt or mud. 

Keep things Clean Wash windows to show prospects how bright and cheerful your home can be during the daytime. Remember how you feel after spring cleaning at your home. 

Make tile and hardwood floors shine, kitchen countertops and fixtures sparkle. Check caulking around sinks, tubs, and showers. 

Be conscious of the little problems. Don't let a sticky door or unfinished paint bring doubt to a buyer. 

Turn on the lights in all rooms, even in the daytime. Remember a well lighted home shows best. 

Always keep your home clean and neat and ready for showings. Don't let prospects buy another property before they have a chance to see your home at it's best. 

Keep copies of recent utility bills available. If they are especially low (as is usually the case with current insulation and AC efficiencies compared with older homes) let the salesperson know. 

Remember to display the value of your basement, attic, garage and other utility areas to potential butyers. 

Be courteous but don't force conversation with potential buyers. Let the sales associate discuss the features of your home, as well as price, terms and possession or completion dates. 

Always provide the salesperson and buyers privacy and time to enjoy your home. Otherwise, they might feel rushed and hurry through what should be a conscious experience. 

Never apologize for your home. Let the Salesperson handle questions and objectives from his or her clients. 

UDA Idea Workshop Journal

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