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Files Description
pdfudaguide.pdf Free UDA Home Planning Guide Lite (24 pages, 125k file size) 
in Adobe Acrobat PDF file format. Revised March 21, 2001
Acrobat You will also need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file. 
The Free Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for all platforms 
and will allow you to view and print the Home Planning Guide. 
Please read the instructions for help on downloading PDF files.

Tools for Viewing PDF Files 

The UDA Home Planning Guide Lite Download is available in portable document format also known as ".pdf" files. To view, save, or print these files requires a special client software created by Adobe Systems Inc. , called Acrobat Reader. Once downloaded and configured on your computer, Acrobat Reader allows users to view documents electronically as they would appear in print. Anyone using Acrobat can view and print ".pdf" files. Adobe's Acrobat reader software is available free of charge for Windows, Macintosh, and DOS versions, and can be obtained from the Adobe Web Site

Complete instructions for downloading Acrobat Reader and viewing .pdf files can be found below. Be certain to locate the instructions for your individual operating environment. 

Windows - Instructions for installing Acrobat Reader and viewing .pdf files for Windows. 
Macintosh - Instructions for installing Acrobat Reader and viewing .pdf files for Macintosh. 

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Need help downloading the Home Planning Guide Lite? (For Windows) 

1.Click on the file name with your secondary mouse button and select Save this link as... 

PDF Link

2.A dialog box will appear for you to select the appropriate directory. Save the file to a directory of your choice and click on OK. Be sure to remember what folder you put it in. 

3.Open Acrobat Reader from your Program Manager. 

4.Click on the File Options Menu and select Open. 

5.A dialog box will appear for you to select the appropriate file name. If the file does not appear, change file type to "All Available"" 

Please let us know if you need further assistance. It would help us out if you could give us a few bits of information, such as: your internet provider: (AOL, Mindspring, Local, MSN, .....) your web browser: (AOL Browser version ______, Netscape version ___, Internet Explorer version ______,) Operating System, etc. 

Thanks again for your time and interest.

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