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UDA Planning

The UDA Planning Guide is designed to assist you or your client in the selection and design of a new home. Authored by residential specialists, it is equally useful for selecting from a library of existing plans or guiding the design of a custom home while also serving as an effective tool for establishing relationships with clients. Benefits and Features include: 
  • 22 pages of Innovative Design Ideas 
  • Useful Worksheets and Square Footage Guidelines
  • Assists in the Selection and Design of a New Home
  • Helps Define Programming and Client Requirements
  • Establishes Needs and Priorities
  • Explores Adjacencies and Multiple Plan Layouts
  • Construction Office 2003
    Construction Office includes the following Components. Overview
  • Contracts 2003 - $149.95
  • Specifications 2003 -$149.95
  • Estimating 2003 - $149.95
  • Financing 2003 - $99.95
  • Accounting 2003 - $99.95
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    UDA Planning Guide 
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    UDA Planning Guide - $19.95

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