About the UDA To Do List Tab

You know that between keeping your company organized and completing your projects on time, there's a lot to do and a lot to keep track of. The ConstructionSuite™ system is designed to give you as many options as possible to help you and your company stay on track. The To Do List tab in ConstructionSuite contains a complete listing of all the items on your UDA To Do List. Use the To Do List to track items that need to be completed either for your company or projects.

Like ConstructionSuite Activities, To Do items can be associated with Contacts or Projects and can also have a specific date assigned. However, To Do items will not have the option to be assigned Reminders or a specific time of day and will not appear on the UDA Construction Calendar.

Instead, To Do List items are managed through the comprehensive To Do List tab that enables you to manage all Overdue, Upcoming, Incomplete, and Complete items in your list.

Get Started with the UDA To Do List

Getting started with the UDA To Do List is easy. Simply create To Do items from any of the following tabs - Today Summary, Project Overview, or Contact Summary - and then take advantage of these To Do List features: