Assigning Resources in Scheduling

Track and manage resources with ease using UDA Resource Allocation. Beyond providing a direct link between the contact database and UDA Estimates and Schedules, UDA Resource Allocation enables you to avoid conflicts, automatically send reminders, generate reports, and be warned of expiring insurance and certificates (in select versions) for assigned resources in your project schedule.

& NOTE: Resource Allocation is available in Pro versions and above of ConstructionSuite. Certificate Tracking is available in Premier versions and above.

Assign a resource in scheduling

  1. In an open schedule, click in the Resource column for a subtask. The Select Contact form appears.

  2. Select a contact by one of the following methods:

Grouped sorts contacts by groups. Expand the folder tree to view contacts in each group.

Recent shows the most recent contacts you have accessed.

Alphabetical sorts contacts alphabetically. Click on a letter to show the list of contacts beginning with that letter. Only letters that have contacts listed are active.

Search searches the entire contact database. Locate a contact by typing any part of the contact's name in the search box.

  1. Click on the desired contact's name. The following information appears for each contact, enabling you to better manage and allocate your resources:

Contact Details displays name, address, phone number, and email for selected contact.

Contact Activities highlights calendar days in red when the selected contact is currently scheduled.

Activities Assigned to Contact lists tasks that occur on the date(s) you are attempting to schedule the selected contact.

  1. Once you are satisfied with your choice of contact, click OK.

  2. If the contact is scheduled for another task at the same time, you will be notified of the conflict. Click OK on the message to continue scheduling the contact, or select another contact.

& NOTE: If a contact is scheduled for more than one task on the same date, his or her name will appear in red in the Resource column. For a complete listing of scheduling conflicts, go to Reports > Scheduling Conflict Report.

Assign a resource to multiple subtasks

Save time by assigning a resource to multiple subtasks.

  1. Click and drag to highlight multiple subtasks under a single task.

  2. Right-click and select Set Resource.

  3. Choose a name from the Select Contact form and click OK.

Clear a resource for a subtask

  1. In an open schedule, click in the resource cell for the contact you would like to clear. You can also highlight multiple contacts to clear by clicking and dragging in the resource column.

  2. Click the Clear button in the bottom left of the Select Contact window.

Add contacts from UDA Scheduling

  1. In an open schedule, click in the resource cell for any subtask.

  2. Click the New Contact button to launch the Contact Quick Add form.

  3. Click Save & New to save the information and create another new contact, or click Save & Close to save the information and close the form.