Using Insurance Tracking with QuickBooks Integration

Protect your company from unforeseen expenses and issues by confirming valid insurance for all of your project resources. If vendors in QuickBooks are synchronized with contacts in ConstructionSuite, you can select to be notified when you are writing checks or paying bills to vendors with expired insurance, licenses, or bonds. This feature is included in ConstructionSuite Premier and higher.

Activate expired insurance warning for QuickBooks vendors

  1. On the main ConstructionSuite interface, go to Tools > Options > QuickBooks Options.

  2. Check the box next to Verify insurance status when writing checks and paying bills.

  3. Click OK. A warning will appear in QuickBooks whenever you create a bill or  make a payment to a vendor with expired insurance.

& NOTE: To enter insurance information for a contact in ConstructionSuite, click on the name of a contact in the interface to go to the Contact Summary, click on the Certificates section header, and then click on the Insurance tab. Enter insurance information and an expiration date. Click OK to save the information.