Creating a QuickBooks Invoice

You can create a QuickBooks Invoice directly from your UDA Estimate. With QuickBooks invoices, you can keep track of how much a customer owes you, receive payments, and print invoices for customers.

& NOTE: Accepted Change Orders in your UDA Estimate will be separated into sub jobs of the main Customer:Job in QuickBooks.

IMPORTANT: QuickBooks exports are irreversible. Backing up QuickBooks before exporting from UDA Estimating protects your accounts from possible errors.

Create a QuickBooks Invoice from a UDA Estimate

  1. Open the QuickBooks company file that you would like to integrate with UDA ConstructionSuite.

  2. In an open UDA Estimate, go to QuickBooks Integration > Create QB Invoice.

  3. Select what you will be invoicing for.

If you choose to Invoice for Work Completed, use the drop-down menus to select a single Category or a Category/Subcategory combination for your invoice. Only categories and subcategories with estimated values entered in the estimate can be selected.  

If you choose to Invoice for Retainage, you must have retained revenue in previous invoices. Use this option at the end of your project after all other invoices have been created.

  1. Designate a Customer:Job for the invoice.

If you have accepted Change Orders in your UDA Estimate, they will appear as sub jobs of the main Customer:Job.

Select All Customer:Jobs, or choose a Customer:Job  from the list in the drop-down menu.  

  1. Set Progress Invoicing options.

Select Create Invoice for 100% if you will be invoicing for the entire amount.

Select Create an invoice for a percentage of the work completed and enter a percentage in the text box if you would like to invoice for a portion of the total amount.  

  1. Designate Markup and Retainage options for the estimate.  

Selecting Company Overhead and Margin Category will include the Company Overhead and Margin entered in UDA Estimating. You can have your Company Overhead and Margin appear Prorated into each line item or (if you are invoicing for the entire project) designated as a Separate line items in the QuickBooks Invoice.

You can also choose to include Line Item Markups that have been designated in your UDA Estimate.

If desired, select Retainage and enter a percentage to be withheld from the total invoice amount. Retainages are typically used to ensure proper completion of the project.  

  1. Click OK. The invoice will open in QuickBooks. Use the Previous and Next buttons to view other imported invoices in QuickBooks.