About Application for Payment

Spend Your Time Working, Not Waiting. With the most flexibility available for small to medium businesses, the UDA Application for Payment system enables you to effortlessly generate industry-standard payment applications ready to be printed on AIA G702 and G703 forms. Quickly turn amounts invoiced through UDA QuickBooks Integration into comprehensive applications for your financial institution.

With UDA Application for Payment, you can:

Making Integration Work for You. Integration between UDA Estimating, QuickBooks, and the new Application for Payment system means you don't have to waste your time on error-prone double entry tasks. Enter your project costs once in UDA Estimating, launch invoices from your estimate into QuickBooks, and then generate AIA G702 and G703 application for payment forms automatically. And, since all of your project information is stored dynamically in the ConstructionSuite™ database, you won't have to manually track previous applications.

& NOTE: Application for Payment is included in Premier versions and above of ConstructionSuite.