Importing 2004 Projects

Although the new ConstructionSuite has thousands more features than its predecessor, ConstructionOffice 2004, files won't get lost in the transition. With the import feature, you can easily get your old project files ConstructionSuite ready.

ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOffice must be installed on the same computer for the import to be successful. If you are using a network version, the import must be done on the computer or server that stores your 2004 project database.

Import ConstructionOffice™ 2004 projects

  1. On the ConstructionSuite Interface, click Data > Import > ConstructionOffice 2004 Projects. The ConstructionSuite Project Import Wizard will open.

  2. Click Next.

  3. Select which projects you would like to import. If you want to import all projects, click the checkbox next to All.

  4. If you need to locate projects on a remote server, click the Browse for more Projects button at the bottom of the screen, locate the folder, and click OK.  

  5. Click Next. The import will take approximately 2-5 minutes per project, and once begun, the import cannot be stopped.

  6. Click Yes to proceed with import.

  7. After the import is complete, click Finish.

& NOTE: At this time, the UDA Summary Estimating toolset from previous versions of ConstructionOffice is not enabled in the ConstructionSuite system. Estimates created in the Summary Estimate format will not import during the Project Import process. However, ConstructionSuite will not overwrite your ConstructionOffice My Projects folder, so you can still open and edit Summary Estimates through the ConstructionOffice 2004 system.