About Project Workflows

Organize Your Project Flow. Project Workflows are a dynamic resource that you can use to keep your project progressing with ease and accuracy. Whether you build custom or spec projects, Workflow Management gives you an avenue to set and reuse successful outlines that cover the entire construction process from planning and pre-construction all the way through closing.

Keep Your Company Moving Forward. As one of the first integrated construction software systems to offer a Workflow Management tool, UDA ConstructionSuite enables you to create an active outline of the steps that need to be completed for each project and then repurpose the workflow throughout the software. Workflow items represent steps in the building process for a project and can have actions associated with them such as automatically opening a template, file, program, or web site.

With UDA Workflow Management, you can:


Making Integration Work for You. Project Workflows can be created individually for each project or associated with a Project Type. Associating a Workflow with a Project Type enables you to repurpose and reuse the successful project outline without having to re-create it for other similar projects. Pre-loaded with workflows for a variety of project types, UDA ConstructionSuite makes it easy to get started using this dynamic new feature.


& NOTE: Project Workflows are only available in Premier versions and above.