About UDA Projects

More Power for Your Projects. If there's one thing all construction firms have in common, it's that each project requires an immense amount of information to be organized in order for the project to be completed successfully. Even if you only manage a few projects a year, you're bound to need more than an off-the-shelf software can provide.

Integrated Project Information. UDA ConstructionSuite™ gives you the power and integration you need to take control over project management, so you don't have to struggle with keeping it all straight. In a moment's notice, you can navigate to a current project's tab and get all the information you need in a single glance, and you won't waste valuable time trying to juggle information.  

Create connections. As a part of the leading-edge CRM technology of ConstructionNet, UDA Projects delivers world-class project information management that enables you to create connections across Contacts, Estimates, Schedules, Contracts, Specifications, Activities, To Dos, Certificates, Workflows, and Dimension Sets.

With UDA Projects, you can: