About UDA ProjectSync

Desktop. Laptop. It's all there. You need your data at the office and on the go, and you need it to be updated and correct. Although the primary means of sharing information when you purchase additional licenses is to have multiple users log in to a single database, UDA ProjectSync has you covered when it's necessary to work outside the office network on a laptop or tablet PC.

With UDA ProjectSync, you can:

@ IMPORTANT: To synchronize, all computers must be connected through a local area network.

& NOTE:  UDA ProjectSync is included FREE with the purchase of additional licenses of ConstructionSuite™.

UDA ProjectSync in action. Synchronizations performed through UDA ProjectSync can cross reference the following types of information, depending on the selections you make when setting your preferences:

& NOTE: "Project-related" means that the applicable feature (Contact, Activity, Certificate, Reminder, or To Do) is directly linked to a project. "Contact-related" means that the certificate is specifically assigned to a contact (such as an insurance or bond certificate). All other information that is not listed above will not be synchronized between computers. This includes any Activities or To Dos without project relations and the Items Database.