Designating Default Quotes in the Items Database

If you have multiple quotes for an item in the database, you will need to designate a default quote for each item classification such as Material, Labor, Equipment, Subcontractor, or Other. Designating default quotes makes the process of entering quotes into an estimate quicker and easier.

& NOTE: To designate default quotes, you can open the Items Database either from the main interface or from an estimate.

Designate a default quote

  1. In the Items Database preview pane, click on an item name to view quotes. For each classification, you must set a default quote.

  2. Right-click on the quote you wish to designate as the default.

  3. Select Set as Default Quote. This quote will be used whenever you insert the item with that classification into an estimate.

& NOTE: If the Default quote is expired, it will still be used as the Default for the item. The Default Quote designation is a manual setting that must be changed.