Adding quotes to the Items Database

Quotes for materials, labor, equipment, subcontractors, and other costs are stored on the item level in the UDA Items Database. You can add multiple quotes for each item in any costbook in the Items Database.

& NOTE: To add quotes, you can open the Items Database either from the main interface or from an estimate.

Add a quote to an item

  1. In the Items Database preview pane, do one of the following:

If the item already has a quote, click on the item name to view quotes and click the [add quote] link on the right to create a new quote.

If the item does not have a quote associated with it, right-click on the item name and select Edit Item. Click the [add quote] link in the Quotes section of the Edit Item form.

  1. On the New Quote form, enter as much information as needed. Name and Description cannot be changed.

Classification: Use the drop-down menu to select a classification. Choose between Material, Labor, Equipment, Subcontractor, and Other.

Vendor: Click the button next to this field to launch the Select Contact form. Choose a contact and click OK.

Issue Date: The current day's date will be automatically filled. Click the button next to this field to select a new date from the calendar.

Expiration Date: Click the button next to this field to select a new date from the calendar.

Cost: Enter the amount of the quote.

Notes: Enter any notes about the quote such as stipulations from the vendor or supplier.

  1. Click OK when done.

& NOTE: For each item, the default quote is a manual setting and will not automatically switch to a most recent quote if you enter multiple quotes for the same vendor. However, if you have stored a more recent quote from a vendor for an item in the estimate and choose to Refresh Item Costs in the estimate, the cost will be updated to the most recent cost from the default quote's vendor. For more information, see Refreshing Item Costs or Designating Default Quotes.