About the Items Database

Track and Manage Costs Like Never Before. The UDA Items Database delivers a powerful, yet easy-to-use system to store, track, and manage all of your construction costs. As a central location for all of your construction cost information, the UDA Items Database gives you instant access to the information you need. With unlimited capacity, progressive search technology, and an ultra-sleek design, the UDA Items Database takes a giant leap forward in cost management for construction professionals.

Stocked, Loaded, and Ready to Go. Pre-loaded with tens of thousands of materials from the Craftsman Database, the UDA Items Database gives you instant access to both national average and adjusted local area pricing for materials, labor, and equipment. And, since it's fully customizable, you can even create your own complete costbooks to track and manage quotes from local vendors.

With the UDA Items Database, you can:


Making Integration Work for You. With advanced integration between the UDA Items Database and UDA Estimating, you can insert items complete with Item Name, Description, Classification, Vendor Name, and Cost into your project estimates. And, when prices change for your items, you can easily update costs in the database and project estimate with just a few clicks. Plus, you can enable ConstructionSuite to automatically open the Items Database each time you open an estimate, collapse the database window for easier viewing, and easily update material and labor costs in a new estimate if prices have changed in the Items Database.

What's Included in the UDA Items Database.* In all versions of ConstructionSuite, the UDA Items Database comes pre-loaded with the Craftsman Costbook for Residential Construction, which contains over 12,500 items and 18,500 quotes for construction materials, labor, and equipment costs. Pro versions and above of ConstructionSuite feature both the Craftsman Costbook for Residential Construction and the Craftsman Costbook for Commercial Construction, totaling approximately 23,000 items and 38,500 quotes for construction materials, labor, and equipment costs.