Synchronizing an Estimate with a Schedule

UDA Estimating allows you to share project data by synchronizing a UDA Estimate with a UDA Schedule for the same project. If the Total Estimated dollar amount is greater than zero for an inactive task, Scheduling will automatically activate that task.

After synchronizing an estimate and schedule:

IMPORTANT: Durations entered in Scheduling will overwrite durations entered in Estimating.

Sync the estimate with the project schedule

  1. In an open estimate, go to Tools > Sync with Existing Schedule.

  2. Click Browse to locate and open the schedule you want to synchronize with your estimate.

  3. Select Sync Options. Sync Options enable you to choose whether or not you want estimating or scheduling Classifications and Resources/Groups to be overwritten during the synchronization process.

  4. Check the box next to Deactivate schedule tasks without durations or dollar amounts, if desired.  

  5. Click OK.

  6. UDA Estimating will update categories and subcategories with the available Scheduling information.

View the synchronized information

  1. Click the Notes column for the category or subcategory that you want to view Scheduling information for.

  2. In the dialog box, click the Schedule Information tab to view information from the project schedule.

& NOTE:  You can also go to View > Show/Hide Columns and select to view Schedule information columns in the estimate.